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IOTE 2024 | The 22nd International Internet of Things Exhibition-Shenzhen

Shenzhen World Exhibiton & Convention Center (Bao'an District)
IIOTE Expo stands as the world's largest and foremost IoT trade show, hosting a series of IoT activities and conferences that encompass the entire IoT ecosystem.
IOTE Expo Shenzhen is the autumn edition of IOTE Expo in Shenzhen China ,and will be held from August 28-30 2024 at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center.
The event enables you to connect with existing and potential Chinese IoT industry partners, and build on your business by meeting and exploring with other IoT professionals, the event offers a series of IoT case studies and journeys for all IoT companies and people coming to IOTE EXPO across the China.
The largest and most comprehensive internet of things exhibition in Asia
The expo has expanded since 2009, over the past 12 years. Its influence is widespread. In 2019, the event attracted 450 exhibitors and over 50,000 visitors. Visitors from 20 countries including China, Australia, and Canada came. Other countries represented were Egypt, France, Germany, and India. Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia were also among the visitors. Pakistan, Portugal, Turkey, and Russia were present as well. The countries of Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and the US were also represented. IOTE invites suppliers of RFID, Smart Card, and IoT technology. They also invite end-users, information service providers, and integrators. The purpose is to have face-to-face communication. Industry professionals recognize the expo as an efficient way to get information. It is also a professional platform for trading and promoting products. IOTE 2024 Internet of Things Exhibition holds twice a year. It is the biggest and most complete IoT expo in Asia. The IoT industry chain showcases the Perception, Transport, and intelligent application layers. The exhibition displays RFID, sensor networks, short-range communication, and financial mobile payment. It demonstrates IoT solutions and applications in transportation, manufacturing, and logistics. It also showcases smart grid, smart home, and smart city technologies.
August 28-30 , 2024
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
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About the IOTE Expo Shenzhen

IOTE(the biggest& famous brand iot expo in China) holds the position as one of the world's leading internet of things exhibitions and takes place in Shenzhen, China.

These events will bring together key global industries for three days of top content and discussions on IoT, cybersecurity and cloud computing, 5g, smart sensors, smart cities, artificial intelligence and big data, and digital transformation.

Who Attends?

Attendees for the event include CTOs, CIOs, CEOs, Heads of Innovation and Technology, IT Directors, Developers, Start-Up’s, OEM’s, Government, Automotive, Operators, Technology Providers, Investors, VCs and many more.

At each event, IOTE Expo will showcase the most cutting-edge technologies from more than 600+ exhibitors and provide insight from over 100+speakers sharing their unparalleled industry knowledge and real-life experiences.

Key Topics

Key topics include RFID Applications, Communication Technologies, Millimeter Wave Radar, Smart Cities, IoT Platforms, Smart Elderly, Smart Homes and more. Showcasing the latest innovations in IoT and covering the impact of IoT on a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, transportation, supply chain, footwear and apparel, libraries, logistics, construction, government, energy, utilities, insurance, healthcare and retail, this exhibition is not to be missed..

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Exhibition Range

  • perception layer
    Smart Sensors, MEMS, RFID, Smart Cards, Barcodes, Biometrics,Video Recognition, Real-time Precise Positioning, Millimeter Wave Radar, Lidar, Electronic Paper, etc.
  • Transport layer
    Cellular (4G/5G/Cat.1/NB-loT), Non-Cellular (LoRa Bluetooth/-Wi-Fi/ZigBee/UWB/ZETA/2.4G), Industrial Gateway/DTU/RTU, bus, Satellite IoT, Optical Communication ,etc.
  • computing and platform layer
    Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Platform, Data Center, Cloud Computing and Big Data, Edge Computing, Internet of Things, AI+security,etc.

Application Layer

  • smart retail
    Intelligent Payment System and Equipment
    Third-party payment platform, bio-payment, self-service terminal equipment, NFC payment, etc.
    EAS anti-theft system
    RFID, electronic price tag, video identification, biometric identification, etc.
    Printing Equipment
    Intelligent Commercial Display
    Intelligent store
    Big Data (Data Analytics and BI), Intelligent Central Station, etc.
  • AIoT + Security,Smart city
    Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Biometrics, Knowledge Graph, Chips, Algorithms, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Edge Computing, Big Data ,etc.
    Innovative Applications
    Drones, Intelligent Robots, Unmanned Vehicles, Smart Home, Smart Wearables, Smart Driving, Fintech, Smart Healthcare, Smart Agriculture, Smart Retail, Smart Cities, Security, Smart Business, Industrial Connectivity, Smart Education, Smart Elderly, Smart Transportation, Smart Logistics ,etc.
IOTE Expo Shenzhen Conference
IOTE Expo Shenzhen Speakers
Tan Yimin-Zhengzhou Weisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Tan Yimin
Zhengzhou Weisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Lin Xinzhi-Beijing Jingyi North Instrument Co., Ltd.
Lin Xinzhi
Beijing Jingyi North Instrument Co., Ltd.
Qiao Lei-Beijing Zhixin Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Qiao Lei
Beijing Zhixin Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Min Hao-Shanghai Kunrui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Min Hao
Shanghai Kunrui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Liu Zhiyong-Shenzhen Meikai Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.
Liu Zhiyong
Shenzhen Meikai Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.
Huang Xuanyu-Shenzhen Qingli Technology Co., Ltd.
Huang Xuanyu
Shenzhen Qingli Technology Co., Ltd.
Wu Zhimeng-Jiangsu Yixing Derong Technology Co., Ltd.
Wu Zhimeng
Jiangsu Yixing Derong Technology Co., Ltd.
Zheng Xiliang-Shanghai Mingkong Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.
Zheng Xiliang
Shanghai Mingkong Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.
Yang Xinhui-Chuangda Software Co., Ltd.
Yang Xinhui
Chuangda Software Co., Ltd.
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IOTE 2024 The22nd International Internet of Things Exhibition-Shenzhen 2024.08.28-30 Wed. To Fri. 9:00-17:00(only Friday until 14:00)

IOTE EXPO SHENZHEN LOCATION-Shenzhen World Exhibition Center (Bao'an District)
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