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IOTE 2024 | The 22nd International Internet of Things Exhibition-Shenzhen

Shenzhen World Exhibiton & Convention Center (Bao'an District)
Exhibition Background
Made in China 2025" points out that most enterprises in China's manufacturing industry are at the primary and intermediate level of informationization, the sectors covered by informationization are narrow, and the internal systems of enterprises are in a fragmented state, but with the increasingly prominent position of China as a major industrial manufacturing country in the world, accelerating the digital transformation of domestic manufacturing enterprises is the trend to keep pace with the global manufacturing industry and continue to grow China's development status in the world.
With the advent of the digital economy, the Industrial Internet, as one of the solid national strategies in the era of new digital infrastructure, digitalization, and IoT technologies as the infrastructure of the Industrial Internet, the potential hundreds of billions of business opportunities will continue to grow in 3-5 years.
In recent years, global multinational giants have accelerated their layout in the Chinese market, and local industrial IoT companies have also shown explosive growth. To meet the current industry and market changes and development trends and promote the relevant sector in China and abroad upstream and downstream exchanges and cooperation, the 22nd International Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things Exhibition will be held on August 28-30, 2024, in Shenzhen. At that time, the organizer will invite famous enterprises of industrial control and IoT application manufacturers at home and abroad to visit the exhibition to build a platform for the exchange and cooperation of new technologies, new products, and new solutions of IoT to show the complete IoT industry chain, to provide innovative solutions for the IoT industry, and to create an industry ecological chain through the tripartite cooperation of users, channel service providers, and manufacturers.
Display range
Sensing layer
  • Industrial sensors, MEMS, RFID, 2D codes, smart meters, intelligent meters, biometric and monitoring technologies and products, core control chips and embedded chips, intelligent data collection terminals
Transmission layer
  • NB-IoT, LoRa, eMTC, 2G/3G/4G/5G, eSIM, Bluetooth, WIFI, UWB, GPS, BeiDou, ZigBee, Z-wave, industrial routers, industrial Ethernet switches, industrial communication cards, industrial gateways, interface converters, serial servers, optical converters, industrial remote control transmitting and retrieving devices Data acquisition module, industrial connector, fieldbus, programmable logic controller PLC
Cloud platform, big data and data security layer
  • Industrial IoT platform, industrial Internet platform, industrial big data platform, industrial data center, data center infrastructure (servers, storage devices, information system integration), industrial operating system, industrial motherboard, industrial computer, human-machine interface, industrial display, IDC, edge computing
System integration and application layer
  • EPR, CRM, MES/PLM, embedded systems, industrial control system software vendors, information security vendors, industrial control security vendors, CNC machine tools, intelligent automation systems, industrial robots, electronic information, smart home, automotive manufacturing, intelligent education, aerospace, new energy, medicine \ medical, storage and logistics, intelligent transportation, telecommunications, public safety, smart grid, intelligent water and other industries Application solutions in the field

IOTE 2024 The22nd International Internet of Things Exhibition-Shenzhen 2024.08.28-30 Wed. To Fri. 9:00-17:00(only Friday until 14:00)

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