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IOTE 2024 The 21st International Internet of Things Exhibition·Shanghai Station started in 2009, will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center on 24-26 April. Focusing on displaying upstream and downstream technologies and application solutions in the Internet of Things industry, from underlying chips, sensors, and communication modules to Internet of Things platforms, industry applications, services, etc., involves a complete product chain and a wide range of application fields. Focusing on new needs in essential application fields such as apparel ERP, logistics and warehousing, asset management, intelligent water supply, smart cities, smart meters, smart pipe corridors, smart fire protection, innovative medical care, smart homes, smart manufacturing, etc.,
IOTE 2024 International Internet of Things Exhibition Shanghai is an efficient information exchange platform for IoT companies and users, sharing information on developing and applying "trillion-level" market technologies.
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IOTE Expo Shanghai

Find the latest products and technologies of IOT that meet all industry applications.

A Complete Showcase of the Whole IoT Industry: IoTE is a complete showcase of IoT industry chain, including IoT perceptual layer (RFID, Smart Card, Smart Sensor, Bar Code, Cameras), transport network layer ( Bluetooth, 3G/4G/5G, Zigbee, GPS, GPRS , WIFI, WSN ) and Intelligent applications layer ( Cloud, Mobile Payment, RTLS, Smart Home, and etc).

Who Attends?

Attendees for the event include CTOs, CIOs, CEOs, Heads of Innovation and Technology, IT Directors, Developers, Start-Up’s, OEM’s, Government, Automotive, Operators, Technology Providers, Investors, VCs and many more.

At each event, IOTE Expo will showcase the most cutting-edge technologies from more than 600+ exhibitors and provide insight from over 100+speakers sharing their unparalleled industry knowledge and real-life experiences.


High-end Conference leading Industry Trends: There are more than 20 top conferences & forums during exhibition, topics covers IoT, RFID, mobile payment, NB-IOT, smart home, smart hardware, wireless communication, printing electronic, IoT standard, IoT application. IoTE invites officials, research organization, manufacturer, end-user gather together to discuss the latest trends in IoT industry.

High-level Fourms

Promotion from 100+ Major Medias: IoTE works with major medias from various industries, such as logistic, automation, finance, retail, library, apparel, medical care, military, automobile, aerospace, agriculture, and etc, to give IoT continuous reporting coverage both online and offline.

Key Topics

Key topics include RFID Applications, Communication Technologies, Millimeter Wave Radar, Smart Cities, IoT Platforms, Smart Elderly, Smart Homes and more. Showcasing the latest innovations in IoT and covering the impact of IoT on a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, transportation, supply chain, footwear and apparel, libraries, logistics, construction, government, energy, utilities, insurance, healthcare and retail, this exhibition is not to be missed.


Application Integration Oriented: One of the most importance things which IoTE puts a lot efforts in is the invitation of end-user and system integrator. It provides a effective platform for the interaction between IoT product provider and system integrator, system integrator and end-user, to promotes the cooperation among the upstream and downstream of the whole industry chain.

Exhibition Range

  • perception layer
    Smart Sensors, MEMS, RFID, Smart Cards, Barcodes, Biometrics,Video Recognition, Real-time Precise Positioning, Millimeter Wave Radar, Lidar, Electronic Paper, etc.
  • Transport layer
    Cellular (4G/5G/Cat.1/NB-loT), Non-Cellular (LoRa Bluetooth/-Wi-Fi/ZigBee/UWB/ZETA/2.4G), Industrial Gateway/DTU/RTU, bus, Satellite IoT, Optical Communication ,etc.
  • computing and platform layer
    Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Platform, Data Center, Cloud Computing and Big Data, Edge Computing, Internet of Things, AI+security,etc.

Application Layer

  • smart retail
    Intelligent Payment System and Equipment
    Third-party payment platform, bio-payment, self-service terminal equipment, NFC payment, etc.
    EAS anti-theft system
    RFID, electronic price tag, video identification, biometric identification, etc.
    Printing Equipment
    Intelligent Commercial Display
    Intelligent store
    Big Data (Data Analytics and BI), Intelligent Central Station, etc.
  • AIoT + Security,Smart city
    Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Biometrics, Knowledge Graph, Chips, Algorithms, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Edge Computing, Big Data ,etc.
    Innovative Applications
    Drones, Intelligent Robots, Unmanned Vehicles, Smart Home, Smart Wearables, Smart Driving, Fintech, Smart Healthcare, Smart Agriculture, Smart Retail, Smart Cities, Security, Smart Business, Industrial Connectivity, Smart Education, Smart Elderly, Smart Transportation, Smart Logistics ,etc.
IOTE Expo Shanghai Conference
IOTE Expo Shanghai Speakers
Yang Weiqi-Shenzhen Internet of Things Industry Association.
Yang Weiqi
Shenzhen Internet of Things Industry Association.
Yang Xueshan-Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
Yang Xueshan
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
Ding Xiaofeng-Vanke Group-SPECE TECH.
Ding Xiaofeng
Vanke Group-SPECE TECH.
Xu Shiwei-TE Connectivity.
Xu Shiwei
TE Connectivity.
Kong Ning-Microsoft Greater China.
Kong Ning
Microsoft Greater China.
Luo Song-China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT).
Luo Song
China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT).
Xiao Shanpeng-China Mobile Communications Corporation Research Institute.
Xiao Shanpeng
China Mobile Communications Corporation Research Institute.
Chen Qiuhuang-Hangzhou Suriot Technology., Ltd.
Chen Qiuhuang
Hangzhou Suriot Technology., Ltd.
Sun Yaohui-Intellindust Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Sun Yaohui
Intellindust Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
IOTE Expo Gallery
What did IOTE exhibitor say?
  • Lulu Chen, Marketing Director of Invengo
    Lulu Chen, Marketing Director of Invengo:
    The expo provides a high-effective platform for Invengo to showcase our leading RFID apparel & retail solution, and communicate with clients face to face. This year, we debut Invengo global RFID apparel & retail personalized solution and its products & services, including supply chain and store management, label printing and data management, it attracts much more domestic and international professional visitors than we expected. High-quality visitors, reasonable layout, excellent expo service, we think highly of IoTE, and will continue our cooperation in future.
  • Shuxian Lu, Marketing Director of Mango
    Shuxian Lu, Marketing Director of Mango:
    With the help of this leading exhibiting platform, we are exhibiting a series of new products and new applications, to provide clients with high-performance, market-oriented product. We attracts many potential buyers in the three-day exhibition. Mango will continue devoting itself in IoT industry, best wishes to IoTE.
  • FeiCao Yun, General Manager of Clou Electronic:
    FeiCao Yun, General Manager of Clou Electronic:
    IoTE is an annual festival for IoT industry, we can see the development of IoT industry every year, the good thing is the number of buyer, system integrator and enthusiasts is growing, people who came to consult product and seek solution are more professional, which means RFID now is becoming universal in China.
  • Peng Wu, Sale Director, MüHLBAUER
    Peng Wu, Sale Director, MüHLBAUER:
    This is our fourth time to attend IoTE, we exhibits IC card thermographic printing machine and RFID label personalized equipment, attracts a lot attention from exhibitors and visitors. IoTE is the largest and most professional IoT expo in Asia, not only we can showcase our latest product and technology, but also we can communicate with our old friends and new clients, and get to know the situation of our competitors, MüHLBAUER is stable, long-term client of IoTE.
  • Wei Zhang, Sale Director of Chainway
    Wei Zhang, Sale Director of Chainway:
    This year, we brought the full range of high-performance, industrial-strength Smart Terminals to the expo. IoTE is the largest expo of its kind, attracts major IoT companies get together to exhibit their latest products and systems. The expo is crowded with tens of thousands of visitors, it’s really a perfect platform to showcase our product, technology and new concept, it also provides a great opportunity for exhibitors to stay connected with old clients, explore new ones and catch up the latest industry trends. All these years we have built a strong strategic relationship with IoTE.
  • Guangwang Zeng , General Manager of CV Microelectronic
    Guangwang Zeng , General Manager of CV Microelectronic:
    CV Microelectronic is professional chip manufacturer on smart card and security system, we have been participating in IoTE for many years, we have exhibited multiply chip products, includes our independently developed high-performance dual-interface security chips. IoTE provides a great communicating platform for the companies in smart identification industry, its a extremely hep for RFID development and market exploring, we wish it will be getting even better in near future.
  • Ruihua Cai, General Manager of Silion
    Ruihua Cai, General Manager of Silion:
    Since 2009, Silion has been attending IoTE for 8 years. This year, the expo is expanded its exhibits range, not just about RFID, it introduces a lot new emerging IoT technologies, attracts much more international IoT companies to attend, the number of visitors is increasing significantly, especially international visitors from East-South Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe and America. As exhibitor of 8 years, we can feel the improvement the organizer made every year. We are exhibiting our award-winning RFID module SLR5300, blue-tooth hand-held reader, receives great reviews from visitors. We are full of hope that our business will getting even better with IoTE.
  • Qi Zhaoyong, General Manager of Shenzhen CaiNa
    Qi Zhaoyong, General Manager of Shenzhen CaiNa:
    The show become better and better. And more and more professionals and Foreign visitors get involved with it. We hope IOTE constantly expand, and Internet of things industry is becoming more and more prosperous. we will do our best to bettering products and provide good services.

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IOTE 2024 The 21st International Internet of Things Exhibition-Shanghai 2024.04.24-26 Wed. To Fri. 9:00-17:00(only Friday until 14:00)

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