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Industry trend|In order to meet the growing demand for RFID tags brought by retailers such as Walmart, FineLine continues to expand its base.


As demand for RFID tags continues to grow at retail giant Walmart and other retailers such as Marks & Spencer, Macy’s, Target and Sam’s Club, FineLine Technologies is expanding its production capabilities to meet this market demand. The company added 25,000 square feet of production space at its Data2 facility in Missouri, bringing its total investment to $2.5 million for new equipment to print and encode a variety of RFID tags.

This expansion is in response to new demands for RFID tag functionality from consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs), particularly in the North American market. The application of RFID technology is expanding from the traditional clothing industry to a wider range of consumer goods, including products ranging from bird food to bicycles and candles. FineLine’s expansion will enable it to provide RFID labeling solutions for these diverse products.

FineLine Technologies has 20 years of industry experience specializing in the printing and encoding of RFID sensors, providing services such as custom label design, high-speed RFID encoding and verification, engineered multi-layer label structures, and high-volume and rapid RFID label collation. The company helps customers through the RFID tag requirements and certification process through its Auburn RFID laboratory.

In 2017, FineLine acquired Data2 Corporation, a strategic move that made it the largest RFID and barcode services organization in the United States. The company’s global capabilities have been strengthened with all printing facilities connected to a centralized data center that manages each print engine and encoding machine, ensuring rapid response and efficient production.

FineLine’s real-time monitoring system provides customers with a complete view, allowing them to view the status of each printing and encoding machine in real time. This transparency and quick turnaround allows the company to fulfill orders in approximately 48 hours, with little to no human intervention.

The RFID authorization requirements of retailers such as Walmart have promoted the expansion and diversification of the RFID tag market. This brings FineLine a new customer base, especially companies that are learning about RFID for the first time. These companies are typically large U.S.-based manufacturers with complex manufacturing sites and diverse labeling needs.

To meet the needs of these new customers, FineLine provides label recommendations, testing support, and ensures labels comply with retail requirements and category codes. The company also provides quality control software so product suppliers can read labels and ensure they are serialized and readable.

FineLine’s flexible production capabilities and adaptability to new technologies have made it a leader in the RFID tag market. As technology continues to advance and markets expand, FineLine expects to continue driving innovation and efficiency within its areas of expertise to meet the needs of retailers and consumer goods manufacturers.

This paper is from Ulink Media, Shenzhen, China, the organizer of IOTE EXPO (IoT Expo in China)

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