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Industry trend|As transparent RFID antennas become popular, manufacturers expand production capacity


With the rapid development of Internet of Things technology, RFID (radio frequency identification) antennas are increasingly used in various fields. Especially in scenarios that require high aesthetics and transparency, transparent RFID antennas are enthusiastically sought after by the market because of their unique advantages. Against this background, Chasm, a leading foreign company specializing in the research and development of transparent RFID antennas, continues to expand production capacity to meet the growing market demand with its innovative carbon nanotube (CNT) technology and excellent product performance. .

Chasm’s transparent RFID antenna uses advanced carbon nanotube technology and is built into the material, which not only ensures the antenna’s high strength, flexibility and conductivity, but also achieves near-transparency. This unique material design makes Chasm’s transparent antenna stand out in many application scenarios, especially in areas with high aesthetic requirements, such as car windshields, building windows, surveillance cameras, etc.

In recent years, Chasm has successfully attracted cooperation from many well-known companies by virtue of its advantages in transparent antenna technology. These companies are applying Chasm’s AgenNT materials to antennas to provide discrete connections for vehicles, windows, surveillance cameras and electric vehicle charging stations. This connection method not only improves the intelligence level of the device, but also brings a more convenient and comfortable experience to users.

In order to meet the growing market demand for transparent antennas, Chasm is actively expanding its production capacity. By adding production lines at printed electronics facilities and manufacturing partners around the world, Chasm plans to produce 10 million antennas per year. In addition, the company also expanded new production facilities in Canton, Massachusetts to cope with the rapid growth of the market in the future.

It is worth mentioning that Chasm not only focuses on the expansion of production capacity, but also continuously innovates in technology research and development. Next year, the company expects to launch antenna products with phased array capabilities to meet the needs of more near-stealth technology applications. Phased array antennas use a group of antennas that work together to achieve beamforming and electronic steering to direct radio frequency transmissions in a specific direction without moving. This technology will bring wider application prospects in fields such as sensors, vehicle windshields and building windows.

In the process of technology research and development, Chasm Company actively cooperates with antenna designers such as Cambridge Consulting Company to conduct design and simulation. Through close cooperation with professional institutions, Chasm continues to promote the innovation and development of transparent antenna technology and provide users with better products and services.

Transparent antennas are particularly widely used in the automotive industry. Since automobile windshields and window glass have extremely high requirements on aesthetics and safety, traditional metal antennas are difficult to meet these requirements. Chasm’s transparent antenna not only has excellent performance, but can also be perfectly integrated with car glass to provide users with a safer and more comfortable driving experience. Therefore, more and more car manufacturers are beginning to adopt Chasm’s transparent antenna technology to improve the intelligence and competitiveness of their vehicles.

In addition to the automotive industry, transparent antennas also have broad application prospects in other fields. For example, covert operations used in the military or law enforcement agencies can benefit from connectivity provided through virtually invisible antennas; in the agricultural sector, transparent antennas can be mounted on the glass or other surfaces of agricultural equipment and drones for real-time monitoring Soil and water conditions; in the field of smart homes, transparent antennas can be embedded in windows, walls and other surfaces to realize the interconnection of home devices.

With the continuous development of IoT technology and the continuous expansion of application scenarios, the market demand for transparent RFID antennas will increase. As one of the leaders in transparent antenna technology, Chasm will continue to be committed to technological innovation and provide better products and services to global users.

This paper is from Ulink Media, Shenzhen, China, the organizer of IOTE EXPO (IoT Expo in China)

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