BlueIoT Technology to Join IOTE 2021 Summer Fair


The IOTE 2021 International Internet of Things Exhibition will be held in Shanghai and Shenzhen in April and August 2021. The organizers specially invite industry companies to participate in the Internet of Things industry grand ceremony. At that time, BlueIoT (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. will bring its high-precision positioning products and excellent solutions to the exhibition!


BlueIoT (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

Booth number: 3C21

April 21-23, 2021


Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian)

Booth number: 1A68

August 18-21, 2021


BlueIOT is the leading provider of Bluetooth AOA solutions, offering a new Bluetooth AOA location technology facility. With our open Bluetooth positioning ecosystem, BlueIoT help access the world's ten billion Bluetooth positioning terminals to achieve accurate location experience under sub-meter precision positioning.

With an open ecology, the company can access all Bluetooth terminals that use Bluetooth 4.0 to 5.1 protocols, and a line of code can empower any smart terminal that uses Bluetooth protocol from mobile phones, wristbands, watches, earphones, stereos, anti-lost devices, cars, etc. , So that every smart terminal can be located, tracked, and navigable in indoor and outdoor spaces, and based on precise location, realize the time and space perception and interaction between smart terminals and the world.

BlueIoT launched the industry's first "5G+Bluetooth AOA" smart storage solution for commercial use, committed to innovating and developing the Bluetooth AOA field, and providing customers with high-quality products and solutions.



Featured Products


Blueiot transportation solution

Effectively release the value of the location data of the "last mile" of the transportation hub, improve the intelligent traffic management and personalized service

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Blueiot retail solution

Shopping cart and goods positioning management, consumer navigation and shopping guide, empowers supermarket big data analysis and refined management

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Blueiot hospital/healthcare solution

Location-based internal management and business processes bring more reliable services and smarter human-to-human interaction

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Blueiot exhibition solution

Using mobile phone navigation, low-cost Bluetooth tags position venue precisely, building a new model of exhibition location data value

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Blueiot judical solution

Realize accurate positioning of personnel in prisons, detention centers, and investigators center, with high accuracy, large capacity, and no false alarms

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Blueiot industry solution

With sub-meter precision, positioning management of personnel and equipment in smart factories helps achieve high-efficiency and automated lean production

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Blueiot logistics solution

Low-cost, high-precision positioning, seamless access of various location information to ERP\WMS\PMS, much improving efficiency

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Blueiot 5g+ solution

5G+Bluetooth AOA enhances 2B/2C scene location coverage, one network for dual purpose, to achieve communication and positioning

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For more characteristic products and detailed solutions, welcome to visit booth 3C21 of IOTE 2021 Shanghai Station and booth 1A68 of IOTE 2021 Shenzhen Station.