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IOTE 2024 | The 22nd International Internet of Things Exhibition-Shenzhen

Shenzhen World Exhibiton & Convention Center (Bao'an District)

2024 IOTE Shenzhen Invitation — The 22st International Internet of Things Expo in China


IOTE 2024, the 22nd International Internet of Things Exhibition in Shenzhen, presents a comprehensive industry chain covering IoT perception, network, computation, and platform layers. Encompassing RFID, sensors, mobile payments, middleware, short-range wireless communication, low-power wide-area networks, big data, cloud computing, edge computing, cloud platforms, real-time positioning, and other IoT technologies, the exhibition showcases advanced international solutions and successful applications across various domains such as new retail, Industry 4.0, smart logistics, smart cities, smart homes, smart grids, anti-counterfeiting, personnel, vehicles, military, assets, clothing, books, and environmental monitoring.

Featuring over ten thousand hardware products and system solutions, the exhibition covers a wide range of technologies, including RFID, AI vision, millimeter-wave/laser, ubiquitous perception of physical quantities and environmental data. It focuses on low-power solutions, integrating full-stack IoT communication solutions, zero-code development application platforms, and creating a comprehensive sensing intelligent network ecosystem. The event richly displays exemplary applications and solutions in industrial IoT, intelligent logistics warehousing, smart cities, smart buildings, smart homes, smart communities, smart healthcare, vehicle networking, agricultural IoT, and other IoT applications relevant to everyone’s production and life.

The exhibition serves as a perfect platform for global IoT enterprises to aggregate, showcase, exchange, and negotiate cooperation. It facilitates direct cooperation projects in the order of tens of billions and potential cooperation intentions in the order of hundreds of billions.

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Organizer: Shenzhen IoT Industry Association

Host: Shenzhen IoT Media Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Dates: August 28–30, 2024

Venue: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall)

Exhibition Area: 60,000㎡

Number of Exhibitors: 800+

Number of Visitors: 5,000+ professional attendees

Concurrent Conferences: 20+

Exhibition Layout:

Hall 9: RFID, Smart Cards, Barcodes, Smart Terminal Zone

Hall 10: Communication, Positioning, Smart Sensor Zone

Hall 12: AIoT Technology and Application Comprehensive Zone/Global Universal Artificial Intelligence Expo

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Exhibition Zones:

RFID and Smart Terminal Zone:

RFID tag chips (low frequency, ISO15693, ISO14443, ISO18000, EPC, etc.)

RFID tag antennas (aluminum, silver, copper materials, etc.), RFID tag antenna production equipment

Standard cards or RFID tag finished products (tag cards or RFID tag forms)

Sensor system integrators, cloud computing service providers, software and algorithm vendors

Special RFID tags (irregular tags or special environmental applications such as high temperature, high pressure, metal, chemical, etc.)

RFID tag or card production equipment (card making machine, card packaging equipment, RFID tag inverting equipment, RFID tag automatic detection equipment)

Conductive silver paste, batteries, magnetic materials, microwave absorbing materials, RFID measurement and testing instruments

RFID reader chip, RFID reader module, RFID reader, antenna (ultra-high frequency, high frequency, low frequency)

RFID handheld terminals, PDAs, vehicle-mounted readers

Active RFID products and systems (433MHz, 900MHz, 2.45GHz, 5.8GHz, etc.)

RFID middleware and RFID application system solutions

System integration and software solutions, including middleware, network integration, multifunctional integration, basic software for hardware operation interfaces, operating systems, application software, middleware software, etc.

AIoT Technology and Application Comprehensive Zone:

Unmanned systems, robots, AR/VR, blockchain, metaverse

Artificial intelligence

Smart energy

Industrial IoT, Industrial Internet, digital factories

Smart homes, smart elderly care

Smart space zone (construction, parks, construction sites, buildings)

Comprehensive IoT applications

AIOT technology integration: (artificial intelligence, cloud platforms, big data, smart terminals, IoT security, digital twins, etc.)

IoT Communication and High-Precision Positioning Zone:


4G/Cat.1, NB-IoT, 5G/5G RedCap chips, modules, antennas, terminals, communication connection management platforms

LoRa/LoRaWAN, ZETA, Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, Wi-SUN, Matter, 2.4G, Sub1G chips, modules, antennas, terminals, industrial gateways, routers, CPE, etc.

Wired communication “USB, serial port, Ethernet, MBus” products and systems

Various communication testing and systems, microwave darkrooms, testing and certification laboratories, etc.

High-Precision Positioning:

Beidou/GPS high-precision chips, modules, boards, GNSS positioning chips, GNSS positioning modules

High-precision positioning antennas, inertial navigation products, Beidou terminals, Beidou short message terminals, positioning service platforms, differential Beidou system products, Beidou/GPS enhancement systems

UWB/Bluetooth/ZigBee/WiFi/RFID/ultrasonic positioning chips, modules, base stations, tags, etc.

Positioning terminals, positioning service platforms, laser ranging, map services, visualization platforms, etc.

Barcode Zone:

Inkjet printers, 1D barcode printers, 2D barcode printers, barcode detection equipment, handheld barcode scanners, platform barcode scanners, data collectors, mobile terminals, carbon ribbons, barcode ribbons, barcode carbon ribbons, labels

1D, 2D barcode label design software, barcode printing software and middleware, laser etching equipment, DPM reading equipment, etc.

Biometric technology and products: fingerprint recognition technology, palm print recognition technology, retinal recognition technology, iris recognition technology, face recognition technology, voice recognition technology, handwriting recognition technology, etc.

Intelligent Sensing and Embedded Comprehensive Application Zone:

Various sensors, sensing elements, various actuators, instruments, sensor terminals, smart sensors, sensor fusion, embedded systems

Intelligent solutions for vertical domains: smart cities, home appliances, IoT for electric power, smart hardware, warehousing and logistics, infrastructure construction, transportation, smart firefighting, smart pipeline networks, smart communities/parks, smart factories, industrial IoT, industrial control, smart retail, unmanned vending, biometric recognition, smart homes, hospitals, health, vehicle networking, agricultural IoT, etc.

E-paper Alliance Zone:

E-paper module manufacturers: innovative applications of e-paper (electronic price tags, e-paper tablets, e-paper displays, e-paper word cards, e-paper digital signs, e-paper desk signs, name cards, information prompt cards, luggage tags, e-paper wearables, and peripheral applications, etc.)

Upstream and downstream suppliers of e-paper: communication modules, panel manufacturing, display unit assembly (Cell Assembly), display module assembly (Module Assembly), drive IC chips, batteries, edge-sealing glue, conductive ink, etc.

Conference Sessions:

Main Forum:

IOTE 2024·Shenzhen “AIoT+X” — Internet of Things Integrated Applications Summit


IOTE 2024·Shenzhen RFID Passive IoT Industry Ecology Summit

IOTE 2024·Shenzhen RFID Clothing Application Industry Ecology Summit

IOTE 2024·Shenzhen Smart Construction Site Industry Ecology Summit and Smart Construction Site China Tour

IOTE 2024·Shenzhen Edge Computing Industry Ecology Summit

IOTE 2024·Shenzhen Digital Space (Smart Park) Industry Ecology Summit

IOTE 2024·Shenzhen Internet of Things Platform and Data Security Seminar

IOTE 2024·Shenzhen Internet of Things Communication Technology and Application Seminar

IOTE 2024·Shenzhen High Precision Positioning Technology and Application Seminar

IOTE 2024·Shenzhen Smart Sensing and Embedded Technology Application Seminar

IOTE 2024·Shenzhen Smart Sensing and Embedded Technology Application Seminar — Millimeter Wave Radar Special Session

IOTE 2024·Shenzhen Smart Sensing and Embedded Technology Application Seminar — Micro Energy Harvesting Special Session

*Please refer to the on-site conference schedule for accurate details.

Exhibition Scope:

Internet of Things Intelligent Sensing Terminals: Sensor chips, smart sensors, visualization technology, intelligent displays, aerospace satellites, Beidou navigation, surveying and geographic information, smart time and space, smart land, positioning technology, visual sensors, smart hardware terminals, smart home terminals, personal health monitoring systems, car networking terminals, smart lampposts, various smart terminals for smart cities, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Layer: AI computing chips, CPU, GPU, FPGA, TPU, BPU, IC chips, AI computing servers, algorithm frameworks, AI algorithm platforms, cloud computing, big data, new data centers, mobile internet, 5G applications, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, network information security, cultural and creative industries, data security governance, data storage, biometric technology, computer vision, intelligent voice, natural language processing, machine learning, natural voice processing, robotics, knowledge graphs, AI labs, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Application Layer: Comprehensive solutions showcasing the application of IoT and AI products and technologies in smart cities, smart security, smart education, smart healthcare, intelligent transportation, smart homes, smart logistics, intelligent manufacturing, smart energy, smart buildings, smart retail, smart agriculture, and other fields.

Robots and Unmanned Systems: Household service robots, intelligent customer service robots, catering service robots, reception robots, brain-like robots, children’s robots, bionic/real robots, educational robots, medical robots, cleaning robots, sensor-based robots, interactive robots, autonomous robots, intelligent business robots, intelligent patrol robots, underwater robots, aerial vehicles, etc.

Blockchain Innovation Technology and Application Zone: Mainly showcasing blockchain technology, AI + blockchain, IoT + blockchain, distributed storage, consensus mechanisms, encryption algorithms, peer-to-peer transmission, smart contracts, traceable transactions, algorithmic trading, advanced computing, and significant scenarios of blockchain, specific applications of blockchain technology in finance, supply chain, IoT, intellectual property protection, etc.

Metaverse Technology Products and Solutions: AR, VR, MR, virtual digital humans, holographic display devices, multimedia interaction, immersive experience games and equipment, immersive digital cinemas, glasses-free 3D TVs, 3D-9D film equipment, multi-touch AIoT Excellent Project Achievement Cluster Cultivation: IoT and AI entrepreneurship incubators, IoT and AI application incubation bases, IoT and AI industry-academic integration (universities, colleges, research institutes), etc. Excellent projects and technological achievements from universities, research institutes, makers, school-enterprise cooperation results, etc.

Featured Concurrent Events:

General Artificial Intelligence Big Model Innovation Forum

Artificial Intelligence Chip and Computing Power Growth Forum

Artificial Intelligence Application Ethics and Safe Development Forum

Artificial Intelligence Investment and Business Development Forum

RISC-V Global Technology Trends Forum

Global Artificial Intelligence New Product Launch

Intelligent Robot Innovation Technology Forum

Bay Area Blockchain Innovation Technology Forum

Artificial Intelligence Subdivision Technology Forum 

IOTE 2024 The22nd International Internet of Things Exhibition-Shenzhen 2024.08.28-30 Wed. To Fri. 9:00-17:00(only Friday until 14:00)

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