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NFC Smart Lock – No More Batteries (IOTE-IoT Expo China)


Infineon launches an NFC smart lock that can be controlled by a smartphone without a battery!

Infineon Technologies AG has launched a single-chip solution for NFC (Near Field Communication) locking applications, allowing US IT solutions provider Keep It Simple Storage (KISS) to enhance its secure locking system.

This NFC-powered smart lock solution eliminates the need for traditional keys, adding a new level of convenience and security to self-storage facilities.


KISS’s smart lock system takes full advantage of Infineon’s NAC1080 microcontroller (MCU), a single-chip solution designed for passive NFC locking applications. Key features and benefits of this innovative smart lock system include:

Passive: Smart locks require no batteries, Bluetooth, or cables to operate.

Remote control and troubleshooting: Owners and operators of self-storage facilities can manage and troubleshoot smart lock systems remotely.

Integrated H-bridge: The NAC1080 MCU integrates an H-bridge, simplifying system design and reducing the number of components required.

Energy Harvesting: The MCU supports energy harvesting, allowing it to be passively powered by the NFC field, reducing the need for external power supplies.

Enhanced security: NAC1080 MCU includes an integrated AES128 accelerator and true random number generator for data encryption and decryption, ensuring data security in low-power environments.

Mobile phone control: Users can control the smart lock system directly from their smartphone through the NFC interface. This allows multiple storage units to be managed via the mobile app.

Environmental protection: KISS emphasizes sustainability and hopes to reduce electronic waste and carbon emissions through innovative technologies.


Infineon’s NAC1080 microcontroller enables owners and operators in the self-storage industry to switch from manual to smart locks without the need for disruptive additional equipment such as batteries, Bluetooth, or cables.

Doris Keitel-Schulz, Vice President of Contactless Power and Sensing at Infineon Power & Sensor Systems, emphasized the importance of this technology in creating an environmentally friendly living environment.

Infineon's NAC1080 MCU not only brings convenience and security to the self-storage industry but also demonstrates the potential of NFC technology in a variety of applications beyond locking systems. Its energy-efficient and remotely controllable features are designed to change the way self-storage facilities operate, reducing maintenance costs and improving user experience.

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