IoT builds the foundation of the digital economy, and the 20th IOTE 2023 International Internet of Things Exhibition is in full swing in Shenzhen! (IOTE-IoT Expo China)


On the morning of September 20, the opening ceremony of the 20th International Internet of Things Exhibition Shenzhen Station of IOTE 2023 was launched in the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center. The Shenzhen Internet of Things Industry Association kicked off the exhibition, opening up a technological experience of digital quality improvement, digital efficiency enhancement, and digital cohesion.


As an important support for the development of a modern digital economy, the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing people's lifestyles, industrial structures, and economic models in a new way. With the rapid development of various IoT technologies and the continuous expansion of application scenarios, the Internet of Things has penetrated every aspect of our lives and become an important driving force for the development of the digital economy.

This IOTE 2023 Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition is a grand ceremony that brings together advanced technology, innovative applications, and industry wisdom in the global Internet of Things field, and will inject new vitality into building a digital economic base. The exhibition focuses on the upstream and downstream of the IoT industry chain. Exhibitors will bring a variety of smart hardware devices as well as core IoT technology products and application cases such as RFID, sensors, 5G, LPWAN, UWB, cloud computing, and big data analysis to demonstrate the application cases of the IoT. The expo will showcase the latest achievements and solutions in smart homes, smart cities, smart manufacturing, AI security, new retail, and other fields.


The IOTE Internet of Things Exhibition was founded by Ulink Media in 2009 and has been held for 14 years. It is one of the earliest professional expos in the industry. The 20th IOTE 2023 International Internet of Things Exhibition was held at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center (Baoan) in Halls 9, 10, and 11, the three exhibition halls total 60,000 square meters, and 500+ exhibitors jointly presented this technology show.

As an important center of China's Internet of Things industry, Shenzhen plays an important role in leading and promoting the development of the industry. From September 20th to 22nd, we will provide exhibitors with a broad market communication platform at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center (Baoan), show off new technologies, new products, new solutions, and new ideas, and also provide visitors with an in-depth understanding of the development of the Internet of Things field. With trends and cutting-edge technology opportunities, thousands of businessmen gathered to look for business opportunities, discuss cooperation, and get orders.


As one of the widely used sensing technologies, RFID technology occupies an important position in many fields such as logistics, transportation, new retail, payment, and warehouse management. Nowadays, the frequency band application of RFID has also become more obvious. The "passive RFID" that has emerged in recent years is also becoming the direction of exploration. Many brands in the RFID industry chain have gathered at this Internet of Things Exhibition.

As one of the important perception technologies, sensing has penetrated many key areas of the industry, such as smart homes, smart driving, smart wearables, etc. The role of domestically produced sensors in the market has become increasingly prominent. Global multinational giants have accelerated their deployment in the Chinese sensor market, and local sensor companies have also shown explosive growth. IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition has a special intelligent sensing and embedded exhibition area in Hall 9 of the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center.

AI and large models continue to fuel the fire. Security companies combine new technologies such as AI to launch AIoT smart IoT technology applications to empower smart parks, smart factories, smart construction sites, smart offices, and other fields. There are also many AI visual perception companies gathered here at this IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition.

UWB and Bluetooth positioning technologies are "hot" indoors. Beidou and satellite IoT are used in outdoor positioning scenarios. Fusion positioning is also gradually introducing new ones, and accuracy has always been the key to the industry's pursuit. At the IOTE 2023 Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition, the following high-precision positioning companies brought their characteristic products and excellent solutions to the scene.

As a new type of technical paper, electronic paper is rapidly replacing the display screens of readers and bus stop signs. At the same time, it is gradually replacing traditional consumable paper labels in major supermarkets, and its application is constantly expanding. This exhibition has a dedicated e-paper area, which includes e-paper upstream module manufacturers, e-paper smart IoT innovative application companies, and e-paper supply chain service providers.


Catalyzed by the acceleration of industrial intelligence, IoT communication technology is booming, including 5G, RedCap, WiFi, Bluetooth, Cat.1, LoRa, matter, and other technologies, which are applied in various industries. With the continuous integration and development of the digital economy and the real economy, various connection technologies are also achieving breakthroughs in response to new scenarios and responding to more refined scenarios. IOTE 2023 Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition gathered ultra-full communication layer players.

The AIGC wave is sweeping across the industry, and the demand for computing power continues to increase. The IoT platform layer serves as an important bridge to undertake industrial computing power, and its industry share value continues to increase. There are also many core companies from the platform layer at the exhibition, including IoT security and data storage, PaaS platform/industry application solutions, SaaS platform/industry application solutions, operating systems, artificial intelligence/modules, intelligent hardware, and biometric identification fields.

In recent years, the country has issued several policies to encourage the application of Internet of Things technology to promote the transformation of production, living, and social management methods into intelligent, refined, and data-based directions, and promote the implementation of various smart solutions in life scenes. There are also several application solution providers already present at the exhibition.

As indispensable members of the industry, companies such as batteries, electronic components, card printing, and ribbons have filled the demand gap in the industrial chain and improved the ecological chain of digital intelligence construction.

IOTE Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition has set up nearly 20 themed summits, inviting experts and scholars, senior entrepreneurs, and industry representatives in the industry to conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on industry development trends, innovative applications of technologies and products, and challenges faced, and will promote the deep integration of the Internet of Things with various industries.


Join us next year in Shanghai, and let's shape the future of technology together! 

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