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Industry trend|Report finds 85% of brands have increased NFC investment


With the continuous advancement of technology, near field communication (NFC) technology is gradually becoming a new bridge for interaction between brands and consumers. According to the latest connected experience report released by British company SharpEnd, more and more brand executives recognize the importance of NFC technology in establishing consumer connections and plan to increase investment in this technology in the future.

New trends in brand packaging

SharpEnd’s report reveals several key trends in the application of NFC technology in brand packaging. First, 85% of brands plan to increase investment in connected products in the next 12 months, indicating that NFC technology is becoming an important part of brand marketing strategies. Additionally, 96% of brands believe contextual packaging is an important part of their marketing strategy, while 92% believe first-party data is a key pillar of their marketing strategy.

Improve consumer experience

The application of NFC technology provides brands with the opportunity to create personalized experiences with consumers. With NFC tags, brands can create value-added digital experiences such as providing product information, augmented reality content or direct links to the brand’s loyalty programs. This increased interactivity not only enhances the consumer purchasing experience, but also helps brands collect first-party data to better understand consumer behavior and preferences.

Driving force for sustainable development

In terms of sustainable development, NFC technology also plays an important role. 93% of brands plan to include connected packaging as part of their sustainability plans. Through NFC technology, brands can showcase the environmentally friendly features of their products, such as using sustainable materials, reducing waste and improving energy efficiency. In addition, NFC tags can also be used to track the life cycle of products and ensure that products are properly handled during recycling.

Differences in industry applications

Brands in different industries show different characteristics and needs when adopting NFC technology. The alcoholic beverage industry makes extensive use of QR and NFC technology in marketing plans and is interested in increasing investment over the next 12 months. The healthcare sector uses these technologies to promote products and improve accessibility. The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has shown the strongest desire for connected packaging for recycling.

Greenwashing concerns

Despite the potential of NFC technology to drive sustainability, 72% of brands are concerned that using these technologies could be labeled “greenwashing.” This shows that brands need to be careful when adopting NFC technology to ensure their sustainability efforts are authentic and transparent.

Government-mandated expectations

Brands anticipate that digital triggers on packaging may become mandatory in areas such as sustainability credentials, certifications, ingredients and provenance, and legalization of product claims. This further emphasizes the importance of NFC technology in terms of brand compliance and transparency.

SharpEnd collaborates with Fedrigoni

SharpEnd’s collaboration with global materials company Fedrigoni is expected to strengthen its position in the global market and develop new high-performance integrated solutions based on QR, NFC and RFID. This cooperation will help promote the application of NFC technology in brand packaging and provide brands with more innovative connected packaging options.

Write at the end

The use of NFC technology in brand packaging is growing rapidly, providing brands with the opportunity to create deeper connections with consumers. As consumer demand for personalized experiences and sustainable development continues to rise, NFC technology is expected to become an integral part of brand marketing strategies. Brands need to capitalize on this trend and leverage NFC technology to create unique consumer experiences while ensuring their sustainability efforts are authentic and credible. As technology continues to advance and the market continues to expand, NFC technology is expected to revolutionize the interaction between brands and consumers in the next few years.

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