IOTE 2022 The 18th International Internet of Things Exhibition Shenzhen Station will be launched at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center on November 15-17, 2022! This is a carnival in the Internet of Things industry, and it is also a high-end event for IoT enterprises to take the lead! At that time, SHENZHEN SEAORY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD ( referred to as Seaory ) will display new card equipment and RFID Tags on the exhibition site.


Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
 November 15-17, 2022


 Company Profile

Seaory has always been committed to the research and development and production of personalized card equipment, in addition to the research and development of smart cards , smart card intelligent systems , and reading and writing equipment. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen. In terms of personalized card issuing equipment, SEAORY's brand product "SEAORY" card printer has been officially launched. In addition , many products or technologies of Seaory's card double-sided printer, card printer, and card printer roller structure have obtained utility model patent certificates.

Seaory's smart card products include PVC cards, magnetic cards, contact memory/CPU cards, contactless Memory/CPU cards and dual-interface CPU cards. Products have been widely used in finance, transportation, postal services, telecommunications, education, public security, commerce, public utilities and enterprises and many other fields. Seaory also has a variety of reading and writing machine solutions, which are also widely welcomed by customers.

Seaory has a wide range of card printers, including single-sided card printers, embedded card printers, double-sided card printers, and rewritable card printers. The company's card printer products generally have the following characteristics: light and compact machine, high-definition color printing; optional card output direction, support single-sided printing; no card, waste card slot full alarm; easy to use, easy to maintain, and low noise during printing.

At the IOTE2022 Shenzhen Internet of Things Exhibition, Seaory will bring a variety of personalized card equipment to display and will launch our self-developed transfer card printer soon.


Product Recommendation



S20R Rewritable Card Printer




S21 Single Sided Card Printer



Seaory E30 Single Sided Card Printer


S22 Dual-sided Card Printer



S22K Embedded Card Printer

 R300 Desktop Transfer Dual-sided Card Printer



R600 Desktop Transfer Dual-sided Card Printer

R600M Embedded Self-Service All-in-One Transfer Type Dual-sided Card Printer


In addition to card printers, Seaory also provides a variety of self-service card issuance and large-scale industrial batch printing solutions.

In the RFID smart card research and development and production, Seaory is also quite experienced. Because RFID tags are waterproof, scratch resistant, wear-resistant, and other characteristics, they can be widely used in jewelry management; At the same time, RFID tags combined with the jewelry inventory equipment installed on the counter to monitor and track the labeled jewelry, to achieve rapid inventory, real-time tracking, and intelligent sales management. In addition, RFID smart cards can also be used in watches, glasses, and other industries.