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IOTE 2024 | The 22nd International Internet of Things Exhibition-Shenzhen

Shenzhen World Exhibiton & Convention Center (Bao'an District)
General Al Innovations & Applications
Exhibition Background
IOTE International Internet of Things Expo (IOTE for short) is a global platform for fully displaying products and technology solutions for the upstream and downstream IoT industry chain. Since 2009, IOTE has been successfully held for more than ten years, with twenty sessions.
Among them, "Smart City + Artificial Intelligence" is a new section of IOTE in recent years to show the application of the ground and is a comprehensive implementation of China's new smart city development guidance policy, but also to promote the construction of intelligent city typical cases and achievements of high-tech exhibition. Gathering Wisdom City, the artificial intelligence of various industrial sector enterprises, focusing on Wisdom City construction achievements, demonstration applications, future technology, and innovative products.It is a platform for the exchange and communication of various industries of intelligent city & artificial intelligence, which helps the enterprises to learn first-hand industry dynamics, understand core technology resources, make first-line enterprise partners, and develop new markets at home and abroad, thus promoting the pace of China's smart city construction!
China's smart city construction is moving from the 1.0 era of connecting to the Internet to the 2.0 era of more efficient data interconnection. Smart cities are no longer just information Internet-based but a collection of new infrastructure with artificial intelligence, for example, intelligent municipalities (water, electricity and coal energy, pipe networks, street lights, etc.), intelligent transportation, and competent security supervision in smart cities. In this context, the IoT construction in energy, construction, production, security, and other urban economic services is forming the next windfall. According to statistics, the Internet of Things application market size of trillions has attracted the layout market of Internet giants and telecommunications companies.
August 28-30, 2024, by the Shenzhen Internet of Things Industry Association, Shenzhen Ulink Media Limited held the IOTE 2024 Shenzhen International Artificial Intelligence Industry Exhibition (AIoT), will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, which will be an intelligent city + artificial intelligence applications industry chain on a collective appearance!
Display range
  • machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing (NLP), biometrics, knowledge graph, chips, algorithms, robotic process automation (RPA), edge computing, big data
Innovative applications
  • drones, intelligent robots, unmanned vehicles smart home, intelligent wearable devices, intelligent driving, gold technology, intelligent medicine, intelligent agriculture, intelligent zero, intelligent cities, security, intelligent business, industrial writing, urban governance, intelligent education, intelligent elderly, intelligent transportation, intelligent logistics

IOTE 2024 The22nd International Internet of Things Exhibition-Shenzhen 2024.08.28-30 Wed. To Fri. 9:00-17:00(only Friday until 14:00)

IOTE EXPO SHENZHEN LOCATION-Shenzhen World Exhibition Center (Bao'an District)
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