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Dyson hair dryer priced at 4,000 yuan is equipped with RFID (IoT Expo China-IOTE® Expo)


Dyson is a world-renowned home appliance design and manufacturing company that is widely praised for its excellent products and cutting-edge technology. Among them, Dyson’s hair dryer series has won the favor of consumers with its excellent performance and unique design, and it has the largest market share among high-end hair dryer brands. In March this year, Dyson’s newly launched Supersonic R hair dryer uses a number of advanced technologies and designs to provide users with a more comfortable operating experience and effectively prevent hair damage.

First of all, this hair dryer has undergone significant improvements in appearance design. Its shell is 30% smaller and 20% lighter, weighing only 325 grams. This lightweight design makes users feel more relaxed when using it, especially when it needs to be used for a long time. Fatigue in the arms. In addition, the design of the “R”-shaped shell allows users to choose different holding methods according to usage habits, thereby increasing the flexibility and comfort of use.

To achieve this lightweight design, Dyson developed a miniaturized motor and new heating element. Instead of the wires wrapped around a mica plate like in a traditional hair dryer, the heating element is designed as a curved disc made of 28 copper fibers. This design makes the air heated more evenly, and combined with the temperature sensor, can more effectively prevent hair damage due to overheating.

In addition, the Supersonic R hair dryer also introduces RFID technology. In the Dyson Supersonic R hair dryer, RFID technology is cleverly used in the interaction between the hair dryer and different accessories.

Specifically, the different accessories of the Dyson Supersonic R hair dryer, such as various nozzles and combs, have built-in RFID chips. When the user connects an accessory to the hair dryer, the hair dryer can quickly identify the type of accessory currently being used through RFID technology. Once recognized, the hair dryer automatically adjusts its motor power and temperature settings based on the type of accessory. The implementation of this process not only improves the user experience, but also ensures that the hair dryer can provide optimal performance in various usage scenarios.


For users, the application of this technology brings significant convenience. First, it greatly simplifies the user operation process. In the past, when using a hair dryer, users may need to manually adjust the power and temperature of the hair dryer based on the accessories used. Now, with the support of RFID technology, all this has become automated. Users only need to change accessories, and the hair dryer will automatically adjust accordingly.

Secondly, RFID technology also ensures that the hair dryer settings are more accurate and scientific. The RFID technology in the Dyson Supersonic R hair dryer was designed based on extensive testing by experts, which means every setting adjustment of the hair dryer is carefully calculated and optimized to provide the user with the best blowing effect while protecting the Hair is protected from damage.

In addition, for professional users who often need to switch between different accessories, RFID technology has greatly improved their work efficiency. They no longer need to manually adjust the hair dryer settings every time they change attachments. With just one change, the hair dryer can quickly adapt to new needs.

This paper is from Ulink Media, Shenzhen, China, the organizer of IOTE EXPO (IoT Expo in China)

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