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RFID Passive IoT Ecological Seminar (IoT Expo China-IOTE® Expo)



IOTE2024 · Shanghai RFID Passive IoT Ecosystem Seminar

Organizer: Shenzhen IoT Industry Association

Hosted by: Ulink Media, IOTE, AIoTku, AIoT Starmap Research Institute

Date: April 24, 2024

Location: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Hall 1

Due to the continuous expansion of market demand, the consumption of RFID tags is experiencing significant growth. According to the latest report from the AIoT Star Map Research Institute, the sales volume of RFID tags and readers has been steadily increasing over the past few years. The global shipment volume of UHF RFID tags has grown from approximately 19 billion in 2019 to 39 billion in 2023. Furthermore, the AIoT Star Map Research Institute predicts that this number will reach 47 billion in 2024. Behind this data growth, there is a more noteworthy trend, which is that RFID is driving many industries into a new era of data-driven management, marking a historic and meaningful transformation.

With the widespread adoption of RFID technology in the aviation industry, the concept of "networked serialization" has become a hot topic of discussion in the aviation sector. It promises to bring about standardized, efficient, and reliable modes of travel. The printing industry is actively embracing RFID technology, seizing the historical opportunity of digital transformation. In the footwear and apparel industry, RFID is not only playing a role in warehousing and logistics but is also entering upstream production processes, spanning the entire product lifecycle and ushering in a revolution in flexible manufacturing.

The RFID IoT Ecosystem Seminar closely follows the trend of digitization, bringing together industry experts to discuss various aspects such as new scenarios, new products, and emerging technologies. The seminar provides in-depth insights into the current state and future trends of the RFID industry.


Meeting agenda (proposed)


 Audience sign-in and entry


To be determined--Kunrui Electronics


New retail needs to match new logistics--Anta/Li Ning are planned to be invited


Not only improves efficiency, RFID can also realize quality traceability throughout the life cycle of lithium batteries--planned invitation to CATL/Eveli Lithium Energy


 To be determined--STMicroelectronics


 RFID makes photovoltaic unmanned factories a reality--Tcl Central/LONGi Green Energy is to be invited


 How do we realize smart logistics--To be invited to UPS/SF Express


To be determined--Shanghai Zhongka System Integration Co., Ltd.


 One code to the end, RFID realizes a new model of asset management - China Tower/China Southern Power Grid is to be invited


 The role of RFID in home warehousing and transportation management--To be invited to Oppein Home/Haier Internet of Clothing


Join us next year in Shanghai, and let’s shape the future of technology together!

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