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Transforming Orthopedic Care: SATO's PJM RFID Collaboration with Medacta Sets New Standards (IoT Expo China-IOTE® Expo)


In today’s healthcare industry, technological innovation is continuously driving progress. SATO Europe Limited, a leading provider of RFID technology and automated identification solutions, has recently entered into an important collaboration with orthopedic implant pioneer Medacta and software integrator SAIT Iron Company. This collaboration not only signifies a significant milestone in the implementation of SATO’s PJM RFID solution in the healthcare sector but also sets a new benchmark for accuracy and innovation in orthopedic care.

As a pioneer in orthopedic implants, Medacta has been committed to providing high-quality implants for orthopedic surgeries. However, as the business scales up, effectively managing surgical resources has become a major challenge for Medacta. While traditional barcode systems have improved management efficiency to some extent, they still have many drawbacks, such as susceptibility to damage and slow read speeds. To address these issues, Medacta decided to adopt SATO’s PJM RFID technology.


SATO’s PJM RFID technology proved to be the ideal choice for Medacta due to its unique advantages. Firstly, SATO’s radiation-hardened D-chip memory allows tagged products to withstand gamma radiation sterilization, a process that would render most tags useless previously. This means that tags can mark products in one location and track them throughout all Medacta facilities worldwide. This feature significantly enhances product traceability and security, allowing Medacta to better control the flow and inventory of products.

Moreover, SATO’s PJM RFID technology offers unparalleled accuracy. It can batch-read multiple tags densely stacked in various configurations commonly found in medical flight cases, eliminating double reads of products. This not only greatly improves operational efficiency but also achieves 100% accuracy in inventory management. For Medacta, this means being able to accurately monitor inventory, reduce stockpiling, and waste, thus better meeting patient needs.

The successful deployment of this collaboration is largely attributed to SATO’s trusted Italian partner, SAIT. As a software integrator, SAIT Iron Company provided comprehensive technical support and services to Medacta. Their on-site approach ensured seamless integration of the technology, bringing about smooth transition and effective implementation for Medacta.

With the continuous development and application of RFID technology, we have reasons to believe that future orthopedic care will become more intelligent and efficient, bringing good news to more patients. We also look forward to RFID being applied in more areas of the healthcare industry, making greater contributions to patient health and the development of the healthcare sector.

To learn more about the applications of RFID in various fields, you are welcome to scan the code and register for the Shanghai RFID Passive IoT Ecological Seminar held in April this year. Representatives and experts from various industries will gather to discuss the latest applications of RFID.

This paper is from Ulink Media, Shenzhen, China, the organizer of IOTE EXPO (IoT Expo in China)

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