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Enhancing Electric Bicycle Safety Through Technological Innovations: Shenzhen's Approach (IoT Expo China-IOTE® Expo)


In recent years, electric bicycles have rapidly become the preferred mode of transportation for the masses due to their convenience, affordability, and energy efficiency. However, with the flourishing electric bicycle market, significant differences in brands and quality have emerged, leading to a rise in fire incidents caused by improper battery charging practices. This has resulted in increasingly serious fire safety issues.

Furthermore, the lack of unified regulations governing the maintenance, modification, parking, and usage of electric bicycles, as well as the charging, disposal, and recycling processes of lithium batteries, has led to a proliferation of safety hazards such as illegal modifications, unauthorized charging, overuse, and battery aging. Particularly concerning is the widespread practice of indoor charging due to shortages of outdoor charging stations and uneven charging prices, leading to a high incidence of fire accidents and casualties in residential settings. In recent years, the casualties and property losses resulting from electric bicycle fires have significantly increased, posing significant challenges for fire departments.

As a pioneer in technological innovation, Shenzhen, as China’s economic special zone, has responded to the urgent situation of electric bicycle fire accidents by promoting a series of technological products and systems to prevent serious accidents caused by electric bicycle fires. Let’s take a closer look at the specific technological measures adopted by Shenzhen:

24-hour Prevention of Electric Bicycle Entry Using RFID Technology:

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In many communities and urban villages in Shenzhen, property management departments mandate the installation of RFID electronic tags on the batteries of each electric bicycle entering or exiting the community. These tags contain unique identification information for each electric bicycle. RFID signal collectors are installed in areas such as corridors or elevators where electric bicycles may enter. These collectors can receive and identify signals from RFID tags. When an electric bicycle attempts to enter these areas, the RFID tag on its battery is recognized by the signal collector. Subsequently, the collector records the identification information of the electric bicycle and triggers the alarm system, emitting sound or light warning signals. Simultaneously, the collector automatically uploads the identification information and entry time of the electric bicycle to the property management center via the network. This enables management personnel to monitor the entry and exit of electric bicycles in real-time and promptly detect and address instances of electric bicycles being brought upstairs.

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Construction of Smart Charging Stations:

Technical supervision is only an auxiliary means. It is essential to expand the supply of charging stations and meet the charging needs of residents to effectively address the problem of unauthorized charging. Therefore, Shenzhen has made significant efforts in recent years to construct smart charging stations and encourage the intelligent upgrading of old charging stations. According to Li Qing, the General Manager of Shenzhen Huashi Jingcheng Technology Co., Ltd., the intelligent charging stations are equipped with comprehensive protection functions such as overload, short circuit, leakage, ground protection, abnormal charging interruption, automatic power-off when the battery is fully charged, and automatic power-off in case of battery failure. Once anomalies such as excessive charging temperature or excessive current are detected, the system will automatically cut off the power supply to prevent fire accidents caused by improper charging.

Installation of Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems in Electric Bicycle Parking Areas:

Intelligent fire alarm systems utilize various sensors such as smoke sensors and temperature sensors to monitor fire hazards in electric bicycle parking areas in real-time. Upon detecting smoke or abnormal temperatures, the system immediately issues an alarm and activates the fire extinguishing device, controlling the fire at the initial stage and preventing its spread.

Through the application of technological means, Shenzhen has achieved significant results in preventing serious accidents caused by electric bicycle fires. The use of RFID technology, intelligent charging systems, and intelligent fire alarm systems has greatly reduced the risk of electric bicycle fires causing serious accidents. In the future, it is believed that Shenzhen will continue to deepen the application of technology, continuously improve the electric bicycle safety management system, explore more technological means for electric bicycle safety management, and further enhance the level of intelligence in electric bicycle safety management.

This paper is from Ulink Media, Shenzhen, China, the organizer of IOTE EXPO (IoT Expo in China)

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