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ZeroMouse Introduces Innovative Smart Cat Door System with RFID and AI Technology (IoT Expo China-IOTE® Expo)


In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, artificial intelligence has permeated every aspect of our lives. ZeroMouse Technology, keeping pace with the times, has launched a unique smart cat door system. This system integrates RFID and artificial intelligence technology, aiming to address a common yet significant issue — cats bringing unknown prey into homes.

How does ZeroMouse’s smart cat door system work?

The operation of this system is based on a series of precise sensors and algorithms. When a cat approaches the door, infrared and cameras immediately capture the cat and any items it may be carrying in its mouth. This information is swiftly transmitted to built-in artificial intelligence algorithms for processing. If the system detects that the cat is carrying an item, it combines with RFID technology to send a tag ID that does not match the cat’s ID. This signal will cause the door to remain closed, thereby preventing the cat from bringing prey into the home.

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What are the features of ZeroMouse’s smart cat door system?

High-precision recognition: Through infrared and high-definition cameras, the system can accurately identify items in the cat’s mouth, greatly enhancing recognition accuracy.

Personalized settings: Unlike traditional RFID cat door systems, ZeroMouse’s system can be integrated into existing doors without the need for software or mechanical interfaces. Each cat has its unique ID, ensuring personalized recognition.

Intelligent algorithms: The system employs advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that can continuously learn and improve over time, further enhancing recognition accuracy.

Real-time connectivity: The system can be used in conjunction with a user’s mobile application, providing real-time monitoring and remote control capabilities. Users can view the cat’s entry and exit records at any time and personalize the system settings.

What are the application scenarios of ZeroMouse’s smart cat door system?

Home use: For families with cats, this smart cat door system undoubtedly provides security. It not only prevents family members from accidental harm but also protects property from damage by prey brought in by cats.

Pet stores and cat cafes: These places often have a large number of cats coming in and out. ZeroMouse’s smart cat door system can help managers better monitor and manage cat behavior, ensuring safety and hygiene indoors.

Animal research and rescue centers: For these institutions, protecting animals and ensuring their safety is paramount. ZeroMouse’s smart cat door system can help staff better monitor and manage cat populations, improving the efficiency of rescue and research efforts.

ZeroMouse Technology’s smart cat door system not only provides families with enhanced security but also offers effective solutions for pet stores, cat cafes, animal research, and rescue centers. In the future, as technology continues to advance, we look forward to more innovative products and services that can bring greater convenience and safety to our lives.

This paper is from Ulink Media, Shenzhen, China, the organizer of IOTE EXPO (IoT Expo in China)

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