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Hikvision Advances Camera System with Integrated RFID Technology (IoT Expo China-IOTE® Expo)


The China National Intellectual Property Administration announced on February 27, 2024, that Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. applied for a patent titled “Camera System” with publication number CN117615230A, with the application date of June 2023. The patent abstract reveals that the application presents a camera system comprising a dome camera with a built-in RFID component. The dome camera includes a housing component, a lens component, an antenna bracket, and a main circuit board. The antenna bracket and the RFID component are electrically connected via pogo pins, with the vertical height of the RFID component lower than that of the lens bracket and the antenna bracket. The RFID component includes a radio frequency wake-up circuit, which emits radio frequency command signals to control the electronic tag to switch from a low-power state to a working state. This application integrates RFID technology with video surveillance by incorporating an RFID component within the dome camera. Upon receiving a wake-up signal, the radio frequency wake-up circuit within the RFID component activates external electronic tags, facilitating data communication and capturing images, thereby enhancing the functionality of the dome camera for broader applications.


Hikvision is a global leader in the field of video surveillance, with its products widely used in over 150 countries and regions worldwide. The company offers comprehensive video surveillance equipment, including cameras, recorders, video management software, among others. In recent years, Hikvision has been vigorously developing its smart IoT business, connecting various smart devices through IoT technology to realize data collection, transmission, and analysis. The company’s IoT solutions are widely applied in smart cities, intelligent transportation, smart industries, and other fields. In recent years, Hikvision has launched an increasing number of RFID products, primarily focusing on the ultra-high frequency RFID field. Here are some RFID products introduced by Hikvision along with their descriptions:

Ultra-high frequency RFID readers and writers: Including ultra-high frequency passive RFID channel doors, ultra-high frequency passive RFID readers, intelligent electronic badges, second-generation intelligent business warehouses (understood as RFID intelligent cabinets with higher anti-theft levels), dual-eye touch facial doorplates, Hanjun access control, bus display screens, etc. Application scenarios: Widely used in warehouse management, smart education, smart finance, and other scenarios. Through ultra-high frequency RFID readers and writers, enterprises can achieve rapid identification and accurate tracking of items, thereby improving the transparency and efficiency of the supply chain.

RFID management software: Mainly including intelligent cashbox handover management platforms and smart hospital management platforms, Hikvision’s RFID management software is a comprehensive management software integrating RFID device management, data collection, data processing, and data analysis. It helps enterprises achieve unified management and monitoring of RFID devices, as well as efficient processing and in-depth analysis of RFID data. Application scenarios: Smart finance, smart healthcare.

RFID solutions: Mainly including solutions for the automotive parts industry and intelligent waste classification management systems.

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