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Concepts come and go, but what is the underlying logic that IoT people need to understand? (IoT Expo China-IOTE® Expo)


The concept of IoT seems like a melting pot; Any concept related to “intelligence” feels like it can be associated with IoT. Because in the digital age, IoT is infrastructure, It’s precisely because of its infrastructure nature that it has vast imaginative space. But what exactly is this IoT infrastructure? In the past, we summarized the IoT infrastructure mainly as: Sensor modules + communication modules Because regardless of the type of IoT, it requires sensors to collect data, which is then transmitted through communication modules. But in the AIoT era, We believe its infrastructure architecture has become: Sensor modules + communication modules + AI modules AI is no longer just in the data center, processing data in a centralized manner on the IoT platform layer, But it needs such infrastructure at the edge, at the IoT terminal node, This trend can also be seen from the current product layout of leading companies in the industry. The new era of smart interconnectedness has arrived, So how do we position ourselves in advance and seize the initiative in such a new era? This requires the industry to collectively build a “high-end ecosystem circle of intelligent networking” This circle not only needs to gather excellent upstream suppliers of the AIoT industry, But also needs to attract integrators and end-users of AIoT downstream to participate, Thus achieving more direct cooperation and communication in the industry.

On April 23, in Shanghai, the “IOTE 2024 China Smart Networking Ecological Conference and the “2023 IoT Star” Annual Awards Ceremony” Is a platform to build high-end networking intelligence cooperation.


Time: 13:30–20:50

13:30–14:00 Sign in

14:00–14:30 Opening Ceremony

14:30–15:00 [Expert Sharing] AloT Synergistic Digital Economy Infrastructure

15:00–15:30 [Expert Sharing] Latest Technologies and Application Trends in the IoT Industry

15:30–16:00 [Industry Leader] Architecture and Future Vision of Smart Connectivity

16:00–16:30 [Industry Leader] Xiaomi’s Innovative Practices in People, Vehicles, and Scenes

16:30–17:00 [Enterprise Innovation] Building a Trillion-level Perception Infrastructure with Passive IoT

17:00–17:30 [Enterprise Innovation] Sharing of Smart City Application Cases

17:30–18:00 Check in for the Award Ceremony Dinner

18:00–18:30 Opening

18:30–19:00 [Guest Speech] Speeches by representatives of the organizer and co-organizer, speeches by invited guests

19:00–19:50 [Award Ceremony, Part 1] Top 100 IoT Companies List & Investment Value List Award Ceremony and Representative Speeches

19:50–20:20 [Award Ceremony, Part 2] Award Ceremony and Representative Speeches for the Innovative Product List, Case List and Outstanding Person List

20:20–20:50 Freecommunication

20:50–21:00 Lucky Draw

This paper is from Ulink Media, Shenzhen, China, the organizer of IOTE EXPO (IoT Expo in China)

Join us next year in Shanghai, and let’s shape the future of technology together!

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