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Industry trend|PepsiCo starts using RFID recyclable cups


Recently, PepsiCo has partnered with Vytal, a reusable packaging provider that uses RFID technology, to design three volumetric bottles of recyclable cups. Each cup carries a specific RFID tag to better manage cup distribution and recycling. process to promote environmental protection.

Users need to first rent a cup through the app without a deposit, and Vytal’s CEO said: “If it is not returned within the 14-day free rental period, a purchase fee of 4 euros will be charged.” He estimates that each cup can be recycled about 125 times on average. . The Pepsi cup will debut at fast-food chain Pizza Hut and will also be used at major events in the future.

Vytal is a company focused on providing software solutions for the circular packaging industry. The goal is to help businesses of all sizes manage their reusable packaging assets more effectively, thereby driving the development of the circular economy.

Vytal’s customers come from a variety of industries, with logistics, retail and manufacturing industries being its main service targets. These industries require a large amount of reusable packaging during their operations, so they have an urgent need for efficient packaging management software. Vytal’s software platform can help these companies optimize the management of packaging assets, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency. Through cooperation with these industries, Vytal continues to accumulate experience and knowledge, and continuously improves and optimizes its software platform to better meet the needs of customers.
In addition, Vytal is also committed to working with partners to promote the development of the circular economy. It has established close cooperative relationships with multiple industry associations, research institutions and enterprises to jointly explore and practice more efficient recycling packaging solutions.

Vytal has customers all over the world. It not only has a broad customer base in the European market, but also has a large number of partners in North America, Asia, Australia and other regions. This reflects the global adaptability and strong market competitiveness of the Vytal software platform.

In Europe, especially Germany and other Western European countries, due to the increase in environmental awareness and the promotion of circular economy, Vytal has a large number of customers, most of whom are industry leaders. These companies actively adopt Vytal’s solutions to promote the digital transformation and sustainable development of their packaging management.

In North America, with the rapid development of e-commerce and logistics industries, Vytal has also won the favor of many customers. By adopting Vytal’s software platform, these customers have achieved intelligent management and optimal utilization of packaging assets, improved operational efficiency and reduced costs.

In addition, Vytal also has a stable customer base in Australia and other regions, providing professional packaging management solutions to local logistics, retail and manufacturing companies.

This paper is from Ulink Media, Shenzhen, China, the organizer of IOTE EXPO (IoT Expo in China)

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