Keyu Jinpeng Automation Equipment to Join IOTE 2021 Spring Fair Shanghai


The IOTE 2021 International Internet of Things Exhibition will be held in Shanghai and Shenzhen in April and August 2021. The organizers specially invite industry giants to participate in the Internet of Things industry grand ceremony.

At that time, Beijing Keyu Jinpeng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Keyu) will bring us a wonderful display of RFID copper antennas and related solutions.


Beijing Keyu Jinpeng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. 

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center

Booth number: 3A42

April 21-23, 2021


Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian)

Booth number: 1A287

August 18-20, 2021


Company Profile

Keyu specializes in the production of copper etched antennas for RFID, with unique double-sided vias and single-sided silver bridge overlay technology. Its equipment can produce various antennas in large quantities and automatically, including NFC antennas for near field communication, high-frequency and ultra-high frequency RFID antennas for electronic tags (UHF&HF), smart card antennas and silver paste printed SPA antennas. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification.


Featured Product



Double-sided High Frequency HF Antenna

· PI substrate

· Double-sided copper, through-hole conduction

· Can withstand high and low temperature environments

· Very small size and excellent performance.



Single-sided high frequency F antenna

· PET substrate

· Single-sided copper, silver bridge conduction

· Low price to meet the usual environment

· Small size and excellent performance.






UHF UHF antenna

· PET & PI substrate

· Single-sided copper

· Excellent performance.





Silver Paste Printed SPA Antenna


· Coated paper, PET substrate, etc.

· Silver paste printed circuit, excellent performance

· Satisfy high frequency and ultra high frequency use

· Can be used for anti-counterfeiting


For more information about Keyu Group's copper antennas and related solutions, welcome to visit booth 3A42 of IOTE 2021 Shanghai Station and booth 1A287 of IOTE 2021 Shenzhen Station!