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Why have many investment companies signed up for this RFID conference? (IoT Expo China-IOTE® Expo)


Recently, the audience registration for the RFID Passive Internet of Things Ecological Seminar is in full swing. Due to the limited number of participants and the large number of participants, we will verify the identity in the background before reserving the qualifications. In the past few days, when we verified the identities of the audience, we found that many investment companies have signed up for our conference. They may want to learn more about the RFID industry at our conference and look for investment opportunities in suitable RFID companies.

Why does the RFID industry attract the interest of many investment companies? This must be related to the rapid development of RFID in recent years. Since China officially included the development of the Internet of Things in its national development strategy in 2010, the RFID industry has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. In the following years, the RFID market scale continued to expand, especially between 2012 and 2018, the industry growth compound annual growth rate reached 35%, showing the rapid rise of radio frequency identification technology.

By 2019, although the overall macro environment has cooled down and the market growth rate has declined, the RFID market size has still maintained a growth trend. According to the latest report of the AIoT Star Map Research Institute, the sales of RFID tags and readers have continued to grow in the past few years. With rapid growth, the total global UHF RFID tag shipments will increase from about 19 billion in 2019 to 39 billion in 2023, doubling in four years.

The rapid growth of the RFID market is mainly due to its continuous expansion in applications in logistics management, cargo traceability, shoe and clothing retail, smart home, smart medical and other fields. The rapid development of these fields provides a broad market space for RFID technology and promotes the rapid growth of the RFID industry. Recently, the RAIN Alliance reported that 44.8 billion UHF RFID tag chips will be shipped globally in 2023, exceeding expectations by 32% year-on-year growth. The semiconductor industry as a whole is in a downward cycle in 2023, but it is not easy for RFID tag chip shipments to grow beyond expectations.

RAIN RFID tag chip shipments (unit: billion pieces)

In addition, the support of national and regional government policies and the continuous improvement of industry regulations also provide a strong guarantee for the development of the RFID market. The promotion of government policies and the standardization of industry regulations have promoted the research and development and application of RFID technology, creating favorable conditions for the growth of the RFID market.



8:00–9:00 Registration

9:00–9:30 Opening Ceremony

9:30–10:30 Keynote Speech: Asia Economic Outlook

10:30–11:00 Coffee Break

11:00–12:30 Panel Discussions:

Global Economy and Trade

Asian Financial Markets

Technological Innovation

Sustainable Development


12:30–2:00 Lunch

2:00–3:00 Keynote Speech: Asian Geopolitics

3:00–3:30 Coffee Break

3:30–5:00 Panel Discussions:

Asian Business Development

Asian Fintech

Addressing Climate Change

Regional Cooperation


7:00–9:00 Dinner

This paper is from Ulink Media, Shenzhen, China, the organizer of IOTE EXPO (IoT Expo in China)

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