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IOTE 2024 China IoT Ecological Conference (IoT Expo China-IOTE® Expo)



Organizer: Shenzhen IoT Industry Association


Organizer: Ulink Media, IOTE, AIoTku, AIoT Starmap Research Institute


Date: April 24, 2024, 13:00-20:30


Venue: Hotel near Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center


Number of Participants: Approximately 500


Conference Background and Objectives


In the past year, AI technology has made significant breakthroughs, bringing about a profound transformation in the entire digital industry. The primary function of IoT is to establish the digital infrastructure, including data collection, transmission, and storage. However, an essential aspect is still missing—the efficient utilization of data. With the proliferation of IoT devices in the billions or even trillions, the AI+IoT-powered Smart IoT will form the foundation of the digital era. As the saying goes, "To get rich, you must first build the road." With the foundational infrastructure in place, it will promote the implementation of AIoT across various industries. This process will not only reshape the value chain of traditional industries but also unleash significant market potential.


In 2024, a time filled with unknown challenges, the AIoT digital industry is one of the few certain pathways. Indeed, to succeed in this industry, players along the entire supply chain need to collaborate. Within this ecosystem, there is both cooperation and competition, so enterprises in the AIoT ecosystem need to enhance information exchange and communication to avoid detrimental competition. At the same time, users can benefit from more cost-effective solutions.


In this context, the IOTE 2024 China IoT Ecological Conference, along with the "2023 IoT Star" Annual Awards Ceremony for China's IoT Industry, will be held on April 24th in Shanghai. The conference aims to strengthen the interaction and communication between upstream and downstream industries in the AIoT supply chain. On the supply side, it will provide the latest information and trends in the AIoT industry. Simultaneously, it will be application-oriented, presenting the perspectives and observations of demand-side participants, helping the industry to develop more efficiently and sustainably. During the conference, the "2023 IoT Star" awards ceremony will also recognize outstanding enterprises in the AIoT industry over the past year.


IOTE 2024中国智联网生态大会(1)_01(1).jpg

IOTE 2024中国智联网生态大会(1)_01.jpg

Meeting agenda (proposed) 


[Leader’s Speech] Leader’s sharing and speech


 [Academician Sharing] AIoT empowers digital economic infrastructure and releases trillions of new business opportunities


[Expert Sharing] Sharing of the latest technologies and application trends in the Internet of Things industry


[Enterprise Sharing] How to realize the value of Internet data?


[Enterprise Sharing] What are the most valuable innovations of IoT in the next 10 years?


[Enterprise Sharing] From active to passive, what business opportunities will the passive IoT industry without batteries bring?


[Enterprise Sharing] Integration is the way out, how does the AIoT integration solution help users save more money?


[Enterprise sharing] AIoT overseas experience sharing


[Enterprise sharing] IoT innovation case sharing


[Dinner] 2023 IoT Star Awards Dinner (Top 100 List, Investment Value List, Innovative Products List, Benchmark Case List, Elite List)

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