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SATO to Join IOTE 2021 Spring Fair Shanghai


The IOTE 2021 International Internet of Things Exhibition will be held in Shanghai in April and August 2021. The organizer specially invites industry giants to participate in the Internet of Things industry grand ceremony. The organizer of IOTE specially invites Sato Automatic Identification System International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("SATO") to come to the venue to showcase the new technologies, new products and new solutions of the Internet of Things!


Sato Automatic Identification System International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

Booth number: 3A20

April 21-23, 2021


Company Profile

SATO Holding Group is the world's leading provider of automatic identification solutions. With more than 5,000 employees worldwide and 80 years of industry experience, SATO Holdings uses advanced identification solutions to collect on-site data for customers in manufacturing, logistics, retail, food and medical industries. , And simplify and trace the process. Sato Automatic Identification System International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is its wholly-owned subsidiary in China. It was established in 2002, headquartered in Shanghai, and has another branch in Shenzhen, Dalian, Wuxi, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan, Jiangmen, Qingdao, Suzhou The sales office and Wuxi label factory are responsible for SATO product sales and after-sales service. At this IOTE2021 Shanghai Internet of Things Exhibition, SATO will bring RFID color touch screen printers, RFID high-precision smart printers, RFID asset management systems, barcode/RFID printing quality inspection systems, SATO’s Japanese origin label tags, and other products and Showcase of solutions.


Products and Solutions



Precision electronic printing solutions

For SMT surface mount, automotive electronics manufacturing, 5G mobile phone foundry and other consumer electronics production sites, provide SATO barcode and QR code transcoding printing solutions, PCB substrate ultra-small label printing solutions, and ultra-high temperature labels that can withstand 300 degrees solder , Workshop warning labels and other on-site identification solutions, help the electronic factory to establish a traceability management system, and realize the end-to-end management from raw materials to products, from factory-logistics-sales.


CT4-LX 4 inch smart touch screen RFID printer

SATO's new generation of 4-inch smart RFID printer has a compact structure and is equipped with a full-color touch screen, which is intuitive and easy to operate; it is equipped with functions such as automatic cloning and label configuration files, which is convenient and easy to use. Support UHF/HF, easy to integrate, small footprint, independent printing without a computer, suitable for scenarios with limited space such as factory production lines.



ASETRA RFID Asset Management System

Through the RFID batch reading feature, the time for inventory operations is greatly shortened; the database is used to query and track loan and return information; in addition, the system can also gradually narrow the location of the target item to help you quickly find the target item; support multi-language display, It can also be easily imported and used abroad. Suitable for many application scenarios such as factories and warehouses.