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Trillions of investments are pouring into "urban renewal", triggering new opportunities for smart building parks! (IoT Expo China-IOTE® Expo)


The smart building park industry is full of opportunities.

At the recently held press conference on people’s livelihood at the second session of the 14th National People’s Congress, one of the key words of Ni Hong, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, was “urban renewal.”

According to reports, a total of 66,000 urban renewal projects of various types will be implemented across the country in 2023, with an investment of 2.6 trillion yuan completed. Conference size: 150+ visitors, including 20 construction park holders, 50 system integrators, and 50+ product and solution providers.

Conference Highlights

In 2024, the country plans to renovate 50,000 old residential areas and build a number of complete communities; at the same time, it will continue to increase the transformation of old pipe networks such as gas, water supply, sewage, and heating in cities, and renovate more than 100,000 kilometers of them. Underground pipelines.

With tens of thousands of projects and a trillion-level investment scale, buildings and parks in cities are naturally important objects of urban renewal, and the implementation of most projects is inseparable from the application of digital and intelligent technologies and systems to achieve reduced costs. Cost, improve management efficiency, innovative service capabilities and other goals.

But the smart building park industry is also full of challenges.

For example, newly built parks or parks under planning often have sufficient budget and awareness to deploy a unified information management system, but Party B’s capabilities sometimes cannot quickly realize customer demands.

For example, when some non-newly built parks propose smart transformation, they require more additional equipment access and system access costs. Cost-sensitive operators are not very accepting of this, which in turn will extend the pre-sales communication time for solution providers. and increase input costs.

For another example, product and service providers hope to improve standardization for large-scale replication, but the reality is that there are thousands of parks, and each park has different problems. Increased customization leads to reduced project replicability.

There are countless other challenges.

In order to see all aspects of the smart building park industry from the opportunities and challenges, the 2024 Shanghai IOTE Smart Building Park Ecological Conference will be held grandly at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center on April 24. The conference will invite upstream technology and service providers for smart building parks Business leaders with different roles, such as system integrators, construction park operators, etc., will bring their practical experience in different types of projects to share their valuable thoughts with the audience, sparking discussions and exchanges throughout the event.


Co-organizers: IOTE Internet of Things Exhibition, IOTE Smart Building Park Special Committee, IoT Media, AIoT Library, AIoT Star Map Research Institute

Conference time: 2024/4/24 09:00–12:00

Conference Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall

1) The topic is comprehensive and pragmatic;

2) The speakers are professional and willing to share;

3) Create a group on site and have the opportunity to establish contact with 100+ high-quality professional audiences;

4) IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition concurrent forum, one-stop listening/exhibition, to discuss business and promote cooperation more efficiently.

Concurrent Conferences:

April 23

Morning: IOTE 2024·China Intelligent Networking Ecosystem Conference

April 24

Morning: IOTE 2024·Shanghai RFID Passive IoT Ecosystem Seminar


2024 Shanghai·IOTE Smart Building and Park Ecosystem Conference

2024 Shanghai·IOTE Smart Health and养老 Ecosystem Conference

2024 Shanghai·IOTE Smart Emergency and Disaster Reduction Ecosystem Conference

April 25


IOTE 2024·Shanghai High-precision Positioning Technology and Application Ecosystem Seminar

2024 Shanghai·IOTE Smart Factory Ecosystem Conference


IOTE 2024·Shanghai Intelligent Sensor Technology and Application Ecosystem Seminar

2024 Shanghai·IOTE Smart Energy Ecosystem Conference



9:00–9:30 Audience registration

9:30–9:40 Host opening

9:40–10:00 Challenges and solutions for cost reduction and efficiency improvement in the building stock era

10:00–10:20 Decoding the new competition around green and low-carbon development in industrial parks driven by ESG

10:20–10:40 Risk monitoring and emergency management system construction for chemical parks

10:40–11:00 Smart construction and key points analysis for logistics parks

11:00–11:20 Experience sharing of intelligent transformation of commercial office buildings

11:20–11:40 Application and innovation direction of IoT sensors in smart building parks

11:40–12:00 Pain points and solutions of 3D visualization in smart building parks

12:00–12:20 Investment promotion solution sharing for smart parks

This paper is from Ulink Media, Shenzhen, China, the organizer of IOTE EXPO (IoT Expo in China)

Join us next year in Shanghai, and let’s shape the future of technology together!

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