2019 The 16th RFID World Application Innovation Conference

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With the continuous development of the Internet of Things market, the scale of the RFID industry is also gradually increasing in recent years. Nowadays, RFID technology has been widely used in most fields, such as financial payment, logistics, retail, manufacturing, clothing, medical, identification, anti-counterfeiting, asset management, transportation, food, animal identification, library, automotive, aviation, military, etc. And it will surely continue to play an important role in nearly future.

Under the developmental trend of global apparel and retail industry embracing RFID technology, the demonstration effect of trillion-scale RFID application is expected to strongly promote the universal popularity of RFID technology. It is clear that in addition to these two ocean-scale applications, there are also a variety of innovative applications on the market. What about the development prospect in the Internet of Things market based on RFID technology?

At present, China's RFID industry has gradually entered a mature stage with a sound standard system and wide application field, and the integration of artificial intelligence, blockchain and sensor technology has injected innovative vitality for the RFID industry. In the background of the new era of 5G and big data, What about the development of the RFID industry? What is the focus of global RFID technology applications? Can China's RFID enterprise development keep pace with others in the world? The topics about RFID that would be worth exploring is much more than that.

While temporizing the tide and witnessing the new development of the RFID industry, 2019 the 16th RFID World Application Innovation Conference will be held on July 30, 2019 at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference will invite excellent companies in all sectors of the RFID industry chain, industry experts and representatives of RFID terminal users to participate in the conference to share the most successful technological breakthroughs in the RFID industry, and successful cases of innovation and application of the RFID industry in the world in the recent year. Experts are invited to analyze the direction of industry development and jointly explore new models for the development of the industry. We are looking forward to your participation!

Conference Content

The conference will be held throughout the day, and the content of the conference involves international RFID technology innovation, manufacturing innovation, RFID application innovation, RFID middleware development and innovation, cases analysis and experience sharing of the most representative RFID industry application in the fields of retail, clothing, smart packaging, logistics, industrial intelligence, anti-counterfeiting, books, ports, personnel care, health care, car networking, transportation, mobile finance, campus, smart city, etc., and discussion on the topic of development model of RFID industry integrators.

Conference Highlights

The conference is not only a gathering of RFID industry experts and corporate elites, but also will invite outstanding enterprise representatives of end users in the RFID application field. This conference brings together representatives of outstanding enterprises in all aspects of the RFID industry chain, including chip manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, integrators. End-user enterprises come from the typical fields of RFID technology applications, such as logistics supply chain enterprises, garment manufacturing enterprises, steel manufacturing enterprises, automobile manufacturing enterprises, retail enterprises, liquor companies and aviation enterprises. At that time, suppliers and demanders will get together and have a face-to-face talk about new RFID technologies, applications, problems and experiences, which will certainly promote the development of RFID technology applications.

  • Host unit China IoT Industry Application Alliance
  • Organizers Shenzhen Ulink Media Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Yixin IoT Co., Ltd
  • Supported byZhejiang Internet of Things Industry Association, Shandong Province Internet of Things Association, Henan Province Internet of Things Industry Association, Hunan Province Internet of Things Industry Association, Shanxi Internet of Things Industry Alliance, Zhongguancun Internet of Things Industry Alliance, Chengdu Internet of Things Industry Development Alliance, Shanghai Internet of Things Industry Association, Beijing Internet of Things Intelligent Technology Application Association, Hangzhou Internet of Things Industry Association, Chongqing Internet of Things Industry Association, Suzhou Internet of Things Association, Qingdao Internet of Things Association, Ningbo Internet of Things Intelligent Technology Application Association, Xiamen Internet of Things Industry Association, Hefei Internet of Things Industry Association, Zhuhai Internet of Things Industry Association, Hong Kong Internet of Things Chamber of Commerce, Taiwan Internet of Things Association, China NB-IOT Industry Alliance
  • Date:July 30, 2019 (All day)
  • Venue:Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Conference Agenda


Address by Leaders and Experts


The latest update of visual electronic label printing solutions

Postek Electronics Co., Ltd.  Senior Vice President Liu Fang


RFID technology helps supply chain transformation and upgrade and enhance customer experience

Avery Dennison Corporation Shanghai Branch Smart Label General Manager Evelyn Ong


The stable application of RFID tags depends on advanced packaging technology

YUANMINGJIE Technology Co., Ltd. project manager  Wang Fangling


IOT Case Study in Aviation and Healthcare

Xerafy Product Marketing Director  Michel Gillmann


Quanray Electronics RFID security anti-counterfeit chip solution

Perceived consumption, the world of things

General Manager of Shenzhen Jinjia Box Technology Co., Ltd. Tian Xueli


Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation between Qingdao Haier Washing Machine Co., Ltd. and Impinj Inc.


Lunch Time


Quanray Electronics RFID security anti-counterfeit chip solution

Shanghai Quanray Electronics Co.,Ltd. Chairman Minhao


Export UHF RFID tags to Europe - how to comply with the new EU regulations ETSI RED

Director of Asia Pacific, Voyantic Peng Jianbin


Landing and application of Haier clothing network

Vice President of Haier Home Appliance Industry Group, General Manager of Haier Washing Machine Liyang


Standards make the IoT ecology better

Assistant Director, Application Promotion Department, China Article Numbering Center Du Han


Passive RFID:The Data Collection Engine of IoT

Terrel Pruett, Vice President, Market and Global Reader Sales, Aline Technology


Core & IoT · RFID overall solution

Chairman and General Manager of Wuxi Pingguan IOT Technology Co., Ltd. Jiang Zongqing


RFID carrier management solution

Zhang Fan, Deputy Director, Internet of Things Division, Beijing Institute of Computer Technology and Applications


Roundtable Forum: How to find new highlights in the existing market


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Parts of Speakers


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