Company Name:北京纷扬科技有限责任公司
Company English Name: Facishare Co.,Limited
Booth Number:H26
Chinese Introduction:
纷享销客是“连接型 CRM”开创者与领导者品牌,目前在全国 12 个城市设立直营省分公司,在 50 余个城市建立营销服务中心。员工总数超 1200 余人,产品研发团队 350+人,是一家具备完善的研发、实施及服务能力的优质 SaaS 企业。 近年来,纷享销客聚焦行业战略,其行业解决方案在AIOT领域已成功合作10000+中大型企业,包括神舟数码、大华、旷视、中电海康、中瑞集团、中软国际、飞天诚信等
English Introduction:
Facishare Co.,Limited is the founder and leading brand of "connected CRM". Currently, it has established direct provincial branches in 12 cities and marketing service centers in more than 50 cities. With more than 1200 employees and 350 + product R & D teams, it is a high-quality SaaS enterprise with perfect R & D, implementation and service capabilities. In recent years, Facishare Co.,Limited has focused on the industry strategy. Its industry solutions have successfully cooperated with more than 10000 large and medium-sized enterprises in the aiot field, including Shenzhou digital, Dahua, Kuangshi, Zhongdian Haikang, Zhongrui group, China soft international, Feitian integrity, etc

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
Metro Line 20 to Shenzhen World North Station, Exit C1/C2

September 20-22 , 2023

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