Company Name:北京中科芯蕊科技有限公司
Company English Name:Beijing Zhongke Xinrui Technology Co. Ltd.
Booth Number:H20-2
Chinese Introduction:
北京中科芯蕊科技有限公司,是国内顶尖的超低功耗处理芯片及解决方案供应商,聚焦于人工智能、物联网及可穿戴电子领域。 公司研发超低功耗处理器芯片,基于国际权威处理器评测组织EEMBC的ULPMark评测,达到451分,在国际同类产品排名第一,荣获中国芯“芯火新锐”产品奖,高交会“优秀产品奖”等。 公司提供MCU芯片的一站式设计服务,覆盖芯片定义、设计开发、流片测试及工具链开发等全流程芯片开发解决方案。
English Introduction:
Beijing Zhongke Xinrui Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading supplier of ultra-low power processing chips and solutions in China. The company focuses on artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and wearable electronics. The ultra-low-power processor chip developed by the company, based on the ULPMark evaluation of the international authoritative processor evaluation organization EEMBC, reached 451 points, ranking first in similar products in the world, and has successively won the 16th China Chip "Cutting Edge Chip" product award, the 2021 China High-tech Fair "Excellent Product Award" etc. The company provides one-stop design services for MCU chips, such as chip definition, chip design and EDA flow, tape-out and chip testing, and related software tools development.

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
Metro Line 20 to Shenzhen World North Station, Exit C1/C2

September 20-22 , 2023

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