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Company Name:无锡芯感智半导体有限公司
Company English Name:Wuxi Sencoch Semiconductor Co.,Ltd
Booth Number:H19
Chinese Introduction:
芯感智半导体是一家国内领先的芯片设计高科技企业,专注于MEMS传感器的设计研发,为汽车电子、医疗电子、工业物联网等中高端传感器领域打造一体化解决方案。 公司不断扩展核心产品矩阵,已完成压力、流量、温度、气体、位置类等多品种产品的开发并成功量产。通过十余年的技术沉淀,公司已具备从芯片设计、封装测试、模组标定、方案集成多环节实现自主创新、自主可控,致力成为国际一流的MEMS传感器芯片设计企业
English Introduction:
Sensor Sencoch is a leading domestic chip design high-tech enterprise, focusing on the design and development of MEMS sensors, to create integrated solutions for automotive electronics, medical electronics, industrial Internet of things and other high-end sensor fields. The company focuses on high-value segment industries, constantly expanding the core product matrix, and has completed the development and successful mass production of pressure, flow, temperature, gas, location and other products. Through more than 10 years of technology precipitation, the company has achieved independent innovation and control from chip design, packaging and testing, module calibration, solution integration, and is committed to becoming a world-class MEMS sensor chip design enterprise!

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
Metro Line 20 to Shenzhen World North Station, Exit C1/C2

November 15-17 , 2022

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