Company Name:成都飞英思特科技有限公司
Company English Name:FINSIOT
Booth Number:G13
Chinese Introduction:
飞英思特科技(Finsiot )是全球领先的无源无线技术和产品提供商,公司专业从事自供能传感技术的研发与应用,致力于解决物联网底层设备的供电问题,并逐步形成了以“微能量管理技术”和“超低功耗”为核心的技术与产品。公司具备成熟的环境能量采集模组与芯片设计能力,为用户提供标准的模组及相应的自供能产品解决方案。目前公司产品已成功应用在了智慧家居、电力运维、能源管理、资产管理、智慧农业等多种领域。
English Introduction:
chengdu Finsiot Technology Co., Ltd is a global “power-free, wire-free"products providerthat specialized in the self-powered technology development and applications. The companyis committed to solve the power-supply problem of the lOT underlying equipment, and hadconcentrate our core value into two technologies- “micro-energy management”and“ultra-low energy consumption”. With the mature energy harvesting module and comprehensiveprotocol/chip design capabilities, Finsiot is capable of providing standard module andsolutions to our upstream and downstream partners. At present, our products had appliedto multiple scenarios including Smart-residency, Power operation and maintenance,Energymanagement, Asset management, Smart agriculture etc.

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September 20-22 , 2023

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