Company Name:北京北斗星通导航技术股份有限公司
Company English Name:Beijing BDStar Navigation Co.,Ltd.
Booth Number:B12
Chinese Introduction:
北斗星通(股票代码:002151)是我国卫星导航产业领军企业、首家上市公司。二十余年的专业化发展,形成了 “产品+系统应用+运营服务”的业务模式。面向物联网应用领域,北斗星通拥有业内领先的自主定位芯片、模组、天线等核心技术产品,物联网采集设备以及覆盖全球的位置云服务平台,为全球用户提供卓越的从云到端的产品、方案及服务。
English Introduction:
BDStar is a leading company and the first publicly listed company in China's satellite navigation industry. After more than 20 years of professional development, BDStar has formed the business model of "Product +Solutions + Operation Service" .Facing the application field of IoT, BDStar has the industry-leading core technology products such as GNSS Chips, Modules and Antennas, the IoT equipment and the Global Location Cloud Service Platform, providing excellent Cloud-to-deivce products, solutions and services for global users.

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September 20-22 , 2023

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