Company Name:大连海达自动化设备有限公司
Company English Name:Dalian Haida AutomaticEquipment Co.,LTD
Booth Number:D11
Chinese Introduction:
大连海达自动化设备有限公司成立于2012年,公司位于大连市金州新区,是一家专业研发设计、生产芯片倒装设备的企业,公司拥有多项涉及该领域核心技术的高质量专利。企业致力于打造中国第一品牌倒装芯片设备。 公司通过多年的技术沉淀打下坚实的基础,成为行业知名专业品牌。我们依靠优良的品质、优越的性能、优质的服务、优惠的价格赢取用户的满意来占领市场。在该领域我们将用专业化的服务来帮助客户创造更高的价值。
English Introduction:
Dalian Haida Automation Equipment Co. , Ltd. was established in 2012, the company's headquarters is located in Dalian Jinzhou New District, is a professional R & D design, production of chip flip-chip equipment, with industry-leading technology base, and has a number of related to the core technology in the field of high-quality patents. The company is committed to building China's first brand flip chip equipment. The company has been adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, Quality First" management philosophy. Through years of technical precipitation to lay a solid foundation for the industry to become a well-known professional brand. We rely on excellent quality, superior performance, quality service, preferential prices to win customer satisfaction to occupy the market. In this field we will use the specialized service to help the customer to create the higher value.

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
Metro Line 20 to Shenzhen World North Station, Exit C1/C2

September 20-22 , 2023

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