Company Name:深圳市普晟传感技术有限公司
Company English Name:ProSense Technologies Co. Ltd.
Booth Number:H75
Chinese Introduction:
普晟公司隶属于河南省日立信股份有限公司,在气体检测领域拥有数十项专利及非专利核心技术,产品涵盖担载型贵金属催化剂、多孔气体扩散电极、膜-电极组合体、燃料电池型气体传感器、定电位电解式气体传感器、无铅氧气传感器等上百个品种。普晟公司是英国DART SENSORS甲醛检测模组全球唯一指定生产工厂。普晟公司的WZ-H3型选择性甲醛检测模组具有寿命长,抗干扰能力强的优点,可准确检测室内甲醛含量。
English Introduction:
ProSense Technologies Co., Ltd, invested and run by Relations , is aimed to be a world leading company in gas sensing field and owns several tens of patents & non-patent core technology about gas sensing. ProSense employs high qualified professionals and personnel with extensive experience and is equipped with state-of the art laboratory for R&D and automatic production line. ProSense provides more than 100 types of high quality sensors, among which are supported noble metal catalyst, gas diffusion electrode, MEA, gas sensor with long service life, gas sensor based on fuel cell technology, electrochemical sensor, lead free oxygen sensor based on fuel cell technology, etc. You can rely on ProSense for reliable gas sensing module and gas sensing solution. ProSense is the sole dominated manufacture of HCHO detection module for DART SENSORS. WZ-H3 selective HCHO module, manufactured by ProSense, is famous for its long life and selectivity.

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September 20-22 , 2023

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