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Company Name:武汉昊诚锂电科技股份有限公司
Company English Name:HCB Battery CO., Ltd
Booth Number:E35
Chinese Introduction:
武汉昊诚锂电科技股份有限公司注册成立于2004年,国家级高新技术企业,中国锂原电池主导制造商。主要产品涵盖:锂-亚硫酰氯柱式电池、锂-二氧化锰柱式电池、锂-二氧化锰软包装电池、锂-二氧化锰扣式电池、电池电容器UPC。 公司自有完整知识产权的全系列锂原电池大量应用于智能仪表、智慧城市、智慧交通、智慧农业、电子价签等物联网新领域,是物联网时代前沿技术设备的可靠动力。
English Introduction:
HCB Battery Co., Ltd. founded in 2004, the “National High-tech Enterprise”, the leading primary lithium battery manufacturers in China.Adhering to the development concept of "professionalism, focus, and service", HCB has always focused on the field of lithium primary batteries, and is one of the companies in China that has a full range of lithium primary battery R&D capabilities and has the longest manufacturing history. HCB's main product series include: Li-SOCI2 cylindrical batteries, Li-MnO2 cylindrical batteries, Li-MnO2 soft batteries and ultra pulse capacitors.

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
Metro Line 20 to Shenzhen World North Station, Exit C1/C2

November 15-17 , 2022

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