Company Name:深圳信可通讯技术有限公司
Company English Name:Shenzhen THINK WILL Communication Technology Co.,Ltd
Booth Number:1A37-2
Chinese Introduction:
深圳信可通讯技术有限公司成立于2008年, 是一家专注于无线通讯数据应用及终端技术解决方案的高新企业。信可通讯拥有丰富的无线通讯系统及终端解决方案经验,对无线通讯技术发展及产业链协作有着深刻理解。专注无线通讯领域,紧跟技术迭代发展趋势。产品系列涵盖3G、4GLTE、eMTC无线通讯模组及应用解决方案,产品广泛应用于车载通信、无线宽带接入、无线路由器、无线智能抄表、安防监控、POC公网对讲等领域。
English Introduction:
Shenzhen xinke Communication Technology Co. , Ltd. was founded in 2008, is a focus on wireless communications data applications and terminal technology solutions of high-tech enterprises. Xinke communication has rich experience in wireless communication system and terminal solutions, and has a deep understanding of the development of wireless communication technology and industry chain collaboration. Focus on wireless communication, keep up with the trend of technology iteration. The product range covers 3G, 4GLTE, EMTC wireless communication modules and application solutions. The products are widely used in vehicle communication, wireless broadband access, wireless router, wireless intelligent meter reading, security monitoring, POC public network intercom and other fields.

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