Company Name:骁强云物联网(深圳)有限公司
Company English Name:XQYIoT (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Booth Number:9D77
Chinese Introduction:
骁强云物联网(XQYIoT)为客户提供企业级物联网通信(M2M)产品以及物联网(IoT)领域“云+端”的行业整体解决方案。 产品包括安全可靠的工业/商业物联网网关、4G/5G工业无线路由器、LoRa基站、DTU、RTU、传感器等设备,以及支持边缘及云端部署的物联网平台。 解决方案可应用在工业、能源、电力、交通、零售、医疗、农业、环保、地震、水利、油气等行业。 欢迎各方行业方案定制和渠道合作。
English Introduction:
Xiaoqiang cloud Internet of things (xqyiot) provides customers with enterprise level M2M products as well as "cloud + end" industry solutions in the field of Internet of things (IOT). The products include safe and reliable industrial / commercial IOT gateway, 4G / 5G industrial wireless router, Lora base station, DTU, RTU, sensor and other equipment, as well as IOT platform supporting edge and cloud deployment. The solution can be applied in industry, energy, power, transportation, retail, medical, agricultural, environmental protection, earthquake, water conservancy, oil and gas industries, Welcome solution customization and channel cooperation.

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