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Exhibition Center

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Exhibition Center East

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Exhibition Center South

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How to get to Shenzhen from Hongkong airport?(For reference only)  
  Shenzhen is located in the Guangdong Province of China and it is connected to the north of Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China, there is a customs border separating Hong Kong and Shenzhen. All foreign travellers going from Hong Kong to Shenzhen will need to present their passports and/or China Entry Visa. If you are planning to visit Shenzhen via Hong Kong Airport, you should first apply for a China Entry Visa before your trip. This will save you a lot of time and hassle trying to get your visa after arriving in Hong Kong. If you need to go to Shenzhen via Hong Kong Airport, there are numbers of transportation options available. Below is a list of transportation options going from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen, ranging from the most affordable (cheapest) to the most convenient:

1) Hong Kong Airport To Shenzhen By Public Bus And MTR (Metro)
The cheapest way to go from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen is to travel completely by public bus and MTR (called the Metro in Shenzhen). After arriving in Hong Kong International Airport, exit through B Exit after clearing customs. You will then arrive at the Arrival Hall B. Keep walking forward and exit through the ramp. Turn right after exiting the building and you will see the airport public bus terminal.
Board public bus route number A43 (To Fanling) which operates by Long Win from 7:00 am to midnight. The fare will be HKD $30.90 and you do need to prepare exact change if you don’t have a MTR Octopus Card. Take this bus to Sheung Shui bus stop. The duration is about 1 hour long not including any waiting time for the bus. You will then walk to the Sheung Shui MTR station which is only a few metres away from the bus stop. Board the MTR towards Lo Wu Station, which is the next stop. The duration is about 10 minutes not including any waiting time. The fare is about HKD $20.

2) Hong Kong Airport To Shenzhen By Cross-Border Coach Services
If doing it completely by public bus and MTR is too much of an hassle for you, your next option is to go from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen via cross-border coach services. These coach services generally will take you to select drop-off locations in Shenzhen via the Lok Ma Chau/Huanggang Checkpoint or Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint. If you are going to the Shenzhen Bao’an (including Shenzhen Airport), Nanshan or Shekou districts, you will most likely use the Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint. If you are going to the Shenzhen Futian district, you will most likely use the Lok Ma Chau/Huanggang Checkpoint. The coach company will determine which border crossing to use base on your drop-off point.
Service counters for cross-border coach services are located at Hong Kong Airport Terminal 2 counters C10 to C14 (follow signs of Mainland Coaches). These counters are operated by different companies and they have different routes and drop-off points available. Make sure you check with each company to see what works best for your desired destination in Shenzhen.
If non of these services have drop-off points near your hotel in Shenzhen, you may choose to be dropped off at the border crossing. After crossing the border, you can take a taxi directly to your destination. This will be more expensive than using the coach service completely but you will save the time from finding your way from the drop-off points.
Cross-border coach services generally operates every hour from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Some services have more frequent departures (as fast as every 15 minutes) during peak periods. Fare to the borders is around HKD $100. Fare to drop-off points inside Shenzhen range from HKD $180 to $220.

3) Hong Kong Airport To Shenzhen By SkyPier Ferry
Another option to go from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen is by ferry. SkyPeir is the ferry terminal inside Hong Kong International Airport for arriving passengers to transfer to multiple cities within the Pearl River Delta and Macau. SkyPier has two routes to Shenzhen: one is to Shenzhen Shekou Terminal and another to Shenzhen Fuyong Terminal (connected to Shenzhen Bao’an Airport).
If you want to transfer to Shenzhen using the ferry, you do not go through Hong Kong Immigrations nor collect your baggage. After arriving and exiting the gate, follow signs to the Transfers Area E2 or Ferries to Mainland. At the Transfers Area E2, you can find counters to purchase ferry tickets. The company that operates ferries to Shenzhen is called CKS.
When you buy your ticket, make sure you give the staff your airline baggage tags. They will collect your baggage and place them onboard the ferry for you. For service to Shekou Terminal, fare is HKD $220 for adults. For service to Fuyong Terminal, fare is HKD $295 for adults.
The duration of the ferry ride is about 30 minutes to Shekou Terminal and 40 minutes to Fuyong Terminal. Once arriving at the terminal in Shenzhen, you will have to take a taxi onward to your hotel or other destination.

4) Hong Kong Airport To Shenzhen By Taxi
All the above transportation methods from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen sound too confusing and difficult to you? A somewhat better solution is to travel complete by taxi. You will get to your destination faster most of the time and you will avoid some of the unnecessary stoppage and waiting time. However, you will still have to get off the taxi at Hong Kong side of the border checkpoint, walk across the border, and board another taxi in Shenzhen.
After arriving at Hong Kong Airport, all you have to do is go to the taxi station located outside Arrival Hall A. Exit the arrival hall and turn left and you will see a line of taxis and people queuing for them. Note that during peak hours and early mornings, the wait for a vacant taxi can be extremely long.

5) Hong Kong Airport To Shenzhen By Private Limousine
If all the above methods to go from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen look like too much hassle and confusion for you, you are definitely not alone. Most of us value our time and comfort. Especially after a long International flight. Private limousine transfer to Shenzhen is the ultimate way to go if you want to save time and not have to worry about the confusing details.
You will be picked up by your dedicated English speaking driver at the arrival hall. Your driver will hold a sign up with your name so you will recognize him/her easily. After meeting with the driver, you will be taken to your private luxury van parked inside the airport. The most frequently used vehicle for transfer to Shenzhen is a Toyota Alphard luxury minivan. It is one of the most favourite vehicles used by celebrities and officials because of its spaciousness and comfort.
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