Leading Label Printer Provider Postek is Attending IoTE 2016

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ostek, which is a well-known brand of barcode printer in automatic identify industry in China, announced recently it will attend 2016 Shenzhen International Internet of Things and Smart China Exhibition (IOTE) with its dealers of professional bills and label printer and intelligent printing terminal system.

As China's leading barcode printing solution provider, Postek will present the well-designed and advanced technological label printer, as well as the embedded self-service printing solution that is implemented in self-service terminal equipment of intelligent retail and medical services, enables the advanced resource sharing between equipment manufacturers and system integrators.

Postek printer covers a wide range of the max printing width from 2, 3, 4 to 8 inches, which could meet requirement from logistics, retailers, health and medical services, electric power and the telecommunication. Rely on the ingeniously designed structure and high quality components, Postek printer has the good compatibility with the labels and ribbons, and shows the reliable performance and excellent printing effects, significantly reduces the usage and maintenance costs, while brings the high cost-effective printing to all users.

At IoTE 2016, Postek will exhibit POSTEK iQ100 label printer that can provide one-stop printing service for users. It includes the various built-in label templates, and the one-key continuous printing function leads to no missing and skipping labels, which gets the favor of its users. Meanwhile, it will also present the worlds first smart portable terminal system for the wide format label printing. As the hardcore of the whole system, Postek printer brings the user more efficient and convenient printing experience with wireless data transferring, on-site printing and sticking.   

2016 Shenzhen International Internet of Things and Smart China Exhibition (IOTE) will be held on Aug 18-20,2016, at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Hall 2,3,4 (about 30,000 sqm). The event will feature the latest technologies and products of RFID , smart card, sensing network, core control chip and embedded chip, telecommunication and their applications in various industries, such as manufacturing, retail, apparel, health care, pharmaceuticals, defense and aerospace.

Company representatives interested in attending 2016 IoT and Smart China can register online http://eng.iotexpo.com.cn/IOTCApply.aspx.

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