HF RFID hand-held reader and module provider RodinBell Technology will join IoTE 2017

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UHF RFID hand-held reader and module provider RodinBell Technology will join IoTE 2017 with its latest product R2000 reader module. The booth No is A 61.

Founded in 2010, Shenzhen RodinBell Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading companies that offers products and solutions confining industrial and commercial intelligent equipment. It’s core business is: UHF RFID reader devices R&D and sales of industry solutions.

Rodin Bell Technology UHF RFID reader equipment product line to meet or exceed the performance of similar imported products. In this area, we are committed to address the constraints of the following core questions:
1· Multi-tag read simultaneously recognition rate.
2· Tag reader reliability, stability, penetration.
3· Equipment robustness in harsh environments.
4· interactive interface friendliness.
5· With specific practical problems related to industrial applications.

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