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Chinese Introduction:
AspenCore旗下拥有三十多个领先技术信息平台,致力服务亚美欧电子业社群。集团通过线上线下信息渠道为电子工程师、采购及管理人员提供优质内容,以促进全球电子行业的创新力和发展。 服务中国电子业的信息平台包括: 电子工程专辑、电子技术设计、国际电子商情、机器人网、面包板。
English Introduction:
ASPENCORE is the largest electronics industry-focused media group in the world with 30+ print and digital properties. At ASPENCORE, our sole mission is to provide the highest quality content to electronics engineers and technical practitioners in order to aid them in innovation, thus helping to spur growth of the entire electronics market. In China, ASPENCORE’s media channels include: EE Times China, EDN China, ESM China, Robotics China, MianBaoBan.
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