Company Name:中自网CA168
Company English Name:China Automation Industry Service Group
Booth Number:1A305-1
Chinese Introduction:
中自产业服务集团(简称“中自集团”)是集杂志、网站、会议、研究及数字移动媒体为一体的中国自动化产业链整合传播、营销、咨询和投资服务机构。 中自集团拥有网刊会及数字移动合一的专业平台,以及政府部门、行业组织、专家学者、企业家、用户、投资机构等各种社会资源。旗下有《变频器世界》、《智慧工厂》、《伺服控制》(升级为《智能机器人》)等品牌期刊,中自网、中自移动数字传媒等专业网站。
English Introduction:
China Automation Industry Service Group (abbr. CAISG) is the China Automation industry chain which incorporates the magazine, website, conferences, researches and digital mobile media and integrates the communication, marketing, consulting and investing service institutions. CAISG has a network of journal and digital mobile one of the professional platform, as well as government departments, industry organizations, experts and scholars, entrepreneurs, users, investment institutions and other social resources. There are "The world of inverters", "Smart Factory", "Servo Control" (" Intelligent Robot") and other brand journals, since the network, since the mobile digital media and other professional website.
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