Company Name:中关村物联网产业联盟
Company English Name:Z-Park Internet of Things Industry Alliance
Booth Number:9C68-3
Chinese Introduction:
English Introduction:
Established on 1 November 2009,ZIOTA is the first NGO in the IOT industry in China,Officially registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs as NGO.Covering the whole IOT industry chain,the alliance has serviced 7046 companies since it’s 9 years establishment with 3500 active enterprises and 213 care businesses in Beijing;Since its established,the Z-park IOT industry Alliance has established the Z-Park IOT Research Institute. The Z-park IOT public service platform,and initiated an IOT industry chain investment model and the IOT capital platform,and has been strengthening cooperation with overseas companies.The existing business of Z-Park IOT industry Alliance is divided into three major sections:industry research,and industrial cooperation,The alliance business will continue to expand in the future and integrate new content to better serve companies and government.
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