Company Name:北京久好电子科技有限公司
Company English Name:Beijing JiuHao Micro-electronics
Booth Number:9C69-1
Chinese Introduction:
English Introduction:
Beijing JiuHao Micro-electronics Co.,Ltd.(JHM) Locates in IC Design Park of Zhongguancun high-tech zone. JHM is a high-tech enterprise designing & providing analog-digital mixed-signal ASICs. Our roots are in the Tsinghua university which are internationally recognized for their work in IC design &resources. ASICs used in sensors and wearable devices is our core business. JHM leverage our unique design expertise in ultra-lowpower mixed-signal, ultra-low power radio frequency, ultra-low power SoC, RFID chip and system. We devote to East, South and Southwest China market and provide partners & customers products with core techniques and turn key solutions.
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