Company Name:东莞市永盛印刷机械有限公司
Company English Name:Dongguan Youngsun Printing Machine Co., Ltd.
Booth Number:1A195
Chinese Introduction:
我司自主研发和生产电子标签的封装和复合设备以及后续的裁切整理设备。 电子标签如EAS、DR、RFID等,与纸质或者布带复合,广泛使用于高端服饰、珠宝、箱包、鞋帽等行业。 主要的机型有:RFID高速复合模切一体机(卷装)、防盗布袋标贴+切自动粘合机(芯片-DR)、数控RFID标签贴标机、防盗布袋标(EAS,DR)自动粘合机、RFID高速检测机(卷装)。
English Introduction:
Our company independently develops and manufactures electronic label packaging and composite equipment as well as subsequent cutting and finishing equipment. Electronic tags, such as EAS, DR, RFID, etc., are combined with paper or cloth tape. They are widely used in high-end clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes and caps and other related industries. The main models are: High speed RFED bond & die cut machine Smart labels all-in-one machine NC RFID tag bonding machine Smart label(EAS,DR) fold & seal machine High speed RFDI QC machine
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