Company Name:上海卓岚信息科技有限公司
Company English Name:Shanghai ZLAN Information Technology CO.,LTD
Booth Number:9C101
Chinese Introduction:
专业提供工业物联网解决方案的高新技术企业产品:串口服务器、物联网芯片、串口转以太网等各类工业接口转换器。 ZLAN1003是物联网单芯片解决方案,实现网口到串口互转,芯片内已集成各类物联网所需功能,包括Modbus、注册包、HTTP提交、P2P等功能。
English Introduction:
We provide professional high-tech products for IoT solution: Serial Device Server, IoT chip, serial to Ethernet and other industrial interface converter. ZLAN1003 is the IoT single chip solution, can realize dual conversion between Ethernet port and serial port. The chip has internally integrated all kinds of functions required by IoT, including Modbus, register package, HTTP submit, P2P and so on. It can accomplish IoT in fastest time!
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