Company Name:上海宜链物联网有限公司
Company English Name:Shanghai iLian IoT Co., Ltd.
Booth Number:9C157
Chinese Introduction:
上海宜链物联网有限公司,全球领先的RFID温感溯源系统方案提供商,拥有自主研发的超高频(UHF)RFID + 温度传感SoC芯片和各类无源/有源标签,基于区块链的温感溯源和灵活多样的无线通讯技术,既可识别身份,也能感知温度,成本低、安全高。防伪溯源,是冷链运输、餐饮配送、电力能源、医疗健康等各类温控溯源行业应用的理想方案。
English Introduction:
Shanghai iLian IoT Co.,Ltd., the world leading RFID + temperature tracking & tracing solution provider. Taking the advantage of self-developed IC of RFID + temperature sensor SoC, iLian IoT platform covers various types of active & passive RFID tags with temperature detection capable and flexible network configuration through deferent wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRa and NBIoT. Also based on cutting edge Block Chain technology on tracking and tracing application, iLian solution supports both RFID tracing and temperature tracking with data secured and protected from tampering or forging in a way of green, higher safety and lower cost. iLian RFID + temperature sensor IoT platform is the best solution for cold chain transportation, food distribution, power grid, energy, medical & healthcare, animal husbandry and warehousing etc. For more information, please visit website:
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