Company Name:伟斯股份有限公司
Company English Name:PC WORTH INT
Booth Number:1A60
Chinese Introduction:
伟斯成立于1988年,致力于信息技术、自动识别和数据收集三十载。 为满足自动化系统中条码扫描和数据采集的所有要求,伟斯提供全系列的相关产品,包括手持式条码扫描器和便携式条码扫瞄器、强固型条码扫描器和医疗保健条码扫瞄器、OEM和固定式条码扫描器、桌上型条码扫描器和企业移动终端。伟斯所有产品都是经过专门设计,用以满足零售、物流、运输、仓储、制造、医疗、工业及现场服务等不同应用的需求。
English Introduction:
Since 1988, Cino has been dedicating to Information Technology , Automatic Identification & Data Collection for three decades. Our mission is to provide innovative and high quality solutions that empower business for maximum productivity and unparalleled efficiency To fulfill all demands of barcode scanning and data collection, Cino offers a full range of innovative and comprehensive products, including handheld scanner and companion scanner, ultra-rugged scanner and healthcare scanner, OEM and fixed mount scanner, stationary scanner and mobility solutions. All products are specially designed to fulfill diverse barcode scanning requirements from retail, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, government to hospitality. With Cino’s products on hand, you can empower your business to acquire maximum productivity and efficiency with ease.
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