Company Name:北京德鑫泉物联网科技股份有限公司
Company English Name:Golden Spring Internet of Things Inc.
Booth Number:1A137
Chinese Introduction:
English Introduction:
Focusing on the production, application turnkey solution for the Internet of Things Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for 20 years. Very fruitful in the security, anti-counterfeiting and management of personnel, money and items. Successfully promoted the application of human EID, e-passport, e-bank card, electronic identity of liquor, bank note box management, essential goods management, storerooms and whole-process management in China, Indonesia, Italy, Switzerland, Korean, Russia and other countries. Being granted the interview by Li Keqiang, Wang Qishan and Jia Qinglin.Came into the National Equities Exchange and Quotations stock market in 2010 , and became the first listed company in the industry of the Internet of Thing RFID high-end smart devices.
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