Company Name:上海零零智能科技有限公司
Company English Name:Shanghai Rinlink Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth Number:9C40
Chinese Introduction:
上海零零智能科技有限公司,主营业务包含 Android智能核心板、2G/4G/NB-IoT模组和智能终端等相关解决方案的设计、研发、生产与销售。从产品定义到结构设计、开发、软件定制等ODM一站式交付,致力于满足客户整体解决方案,可支持跨平台、个性化需求定制。
English Introduction:
Shanghai Rinlink Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., the main business includes the design, development, production and sales of Android intelligent control board, 2G/4G/NB-IoT module and intelligent terminal and other relevant solutions. ODM one-stop delivery from product definition to structure design, development and software customization! Committed to meet the overall customer solutions, support cross-platform, personalized needs customized!
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