Company Name:上海真智电子标签技术有限公司
Company English Name:Shanghai RealSmart Technologies Co.,Ltd
Booth Number:1A337
Chinese Introduction:
上海真智电子标签技术有限公司于2005年在中国上海成立。我司专注于各种RFID标签的研发、制造、着重于资产管理应用等,致力于智能卡和射频识别标签的制造和应用超过15年,向全球市场介绍各种新技术、创新和相关的ID解决方案。 我司在40多个国家为全球客户和合作伙伴提供服务。
English Introduction:
RealSmart Founded in Shanghai China 2005, with booming industry of Smart Card & RFID. Focuses on R&D,manufacturing, customer service for various RFID Tags. Highlight on assets management Dedicated to Smart Card & RFID Tag’s manufacture and application over 15 years Introducing various new tech, innovations and related ID solutions to global market Serving & powered global customers and partners over 40 countries
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